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+1 and +2 Weapon Dealers???

  • +1 and +2 Weapon Dealers???

    Since when, and who the hell decided it was a good idea to get rid of +1 and +2 dealers???...  I was just informed that there are no dealers anymore and they were removed? WTF!!!  Who thought that is a good idea?  Seriously, new players coming to Saga are going to quit when they find out there are no +1 and +2 weapons.  Not everyone wants to craft their shit!!!  I am a classic archer.  I DON'T WANT TO PLAY AS ARCANE.  So I'm basically forced to play as arcane archer because some GM thought it was a good idea to get rid of npcs?   If this isn't changed, then I will leave this stupid ass server!!!  I have seen some stupid shit in my 12 years of playing this game, but this takes the cake for being the dumbest shit I ever seen!!!  You have no idea how pissed I am right now busting my ass on my toon and find out I have to use basic shitty bows!!!


    Created: 01 September 2013 06:07 by misfit8503
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    Those dealers where taking out of game cause the crafting system on put into game. The only +3 bows that you can still get in game is the blc+3, and the ancient composite bow +3. I agree that the weapon dealers should still be in game cause like you I myself have never liked crafting on any game. 
    Created: 01 September 2013 06:25 by Ironhands
  • RE: Post

    With that language ill help you find the door.
    Created: 02 September 2013 20:21 by Saga HGM
  • Reply: Saga HGM

    You are already out the door Saga HGM.  Nobody on this server respects you.  You do absolutely nothing that benefits this server, and you do it gracefully.  Have you even looked at the forums and seen the mile long list of complaints.  4i and Iceland is a pile of shit, and people have been begging you to fix it for months, yet nothing has been done.  If you have been working on it, why haven't the players been given any updates or an ETA of completion.  I haven't seen you inform the players of any new changes or fixes to Saga server.  You're too busy trying to be the big cheese over at Abomination.  Why did you feel like you needed to abandon Saga to work on Abomination?  You have quite an attitude with players, and nobody respects you for that.  I've been playing this game for over 12 years, and I give credit when it is due.  I don't show any respect to an HGM who brings nothing to the table.  Show some results and the players will stop bashing you all the time.

    Created: 03 September 2013 07:53 by misfit8503
  • Re: Saga HGM

    I have nothing to do with abomination, at all. In fact , I was under the impression that my dev was having time issues transitioning into living solo, but come to find out a few days ago that that was not the case at all... Long story short Ill be looking for another dev.
    Created: 05 September 2013 23:45 by Saga HGM
  • Re:Re: Saga HGM

    Than I must be confused.  My issue must be with Saga Dev.  Just to clear things up.  I knew that the current Saga team had nothing to do with the +1 and +2 dealers, since these changes had occurred prior to any of you being here.  I am still very pissed off that I don't have a weapon to use.  It's very difficult trying to exp on 4i with the basic bows.  Already hard as it is, but now I have to spend months of my time trying to craft a bow.  I don't know if I wanna dedicate 6 months of my life farming crafting items, while everyone continues to level like crazy. 
    Created: 06 September 2013 09:14 by misfit8503
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