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06/10/2014 Changes

  • 06/9/2014 Changes

    Hey guys, the following will change today after a reset:

    *****NOTE: The reset required will be a naked reset, you'll log back in at temples naked.*****

    Changed the lower damage on the 4 add-on Paladin weapons
    - Increasing the lower damage, to close the gap a bit from lower to higher.

    Increased the spell effect on Morfetus to do more damage
    - Added +5 earth resist to it, being an earthen weapon.

    Added a 'Welcome to Realmud' package for newly made characters
    - Package includes, 2 gold doubling orbs, 2 1x XP orbs, some starting gold and Miracle Stone.
    - To save new players from hunting down the NPCs.
    (Seraphs can still get the XP orbs and MS from the old NPCs).

    Added a Max Remort Level NPC
    - Meaning, when you reach Realmud's max remort (4x seraph) you'll receive a reward.
    - Different rewards for good and evil characters.
    - This NPC will be found in the seraph points chamber.
    (There will be an NPC in Lighthaven to reward pre-existing 4xs, this NPC will remain for 1 week only).

    Added a system message on Miracle Stone
    - To indicate it is turned off and explain how it works.
    Created: 09 June 2014 20:00 by Alastor
  • changes...

    how much negative karma for evil (4x reward) and all items are only sided line quest items?
    Miracle stone to newcomers, but how about us not so newcomers? :)

    Created: 10 June 2014 09:23 by korvaoo2
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