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05-28-2014 Changes

  • 05-28-2014 Changes

    Hey guys, the following have changed today:

    * Modified the spell on Blade of the Ancient Phoenix (and guild model)
    - The spell effect will cast more than before.
    - I gave it a lower graphic with a % chance at meteor (similar to devil anger).

    * Add guild FEAR house

    * Add item Midnight Shroud to guild interaction points NPC

    * Modified the elemental quivers sold on 4th island
    - I've lowered the STR & AGI requirement to 95 / 395 (as a result the damage has been lowered to fit in).
    - Changed their spell effects to be more like 'elemental' skins.

    * Added NPCs to do the PVP Honor Token exchanges
    - Saves you guys waiting on staff.
    - Just simply double-click your token and it will teleport you to an area.
    (yes more PVP events are coming!)

    * Added scrolls to npc Fair Duel
    - So scroll boosts will be blocked too.

    In the Works:

    * I'm working on improving 4th island monsters, to make it a feasible area to level again (of course not as good as VIP)
    * I'm looking into the add-on paladin damage from weapon to weapon.

    As always, please report any feedback, issues or concerns to me on
    Created: 27 May 2014 21:29 by Alastor
  • ..

    So, is fever nerfed?
    Created: 28 May 2014 12:06 by Amaterasu
  • ...

    SHHHHHHHH he said elemental quivers that are bought on AL not quest quivers.... don't give em any ideals
    Replied: 28 May 2014 19:36 by Zetes2
  • More

    Another thing I forgot to add:

    I've changed the pricing for sex/gender changes, hair dye and companion switching. They are all now a static price and are not based on player levels.
    Created: 29 May 2014 18:43 by Alastor
  • TB

    Can we have TB pre-nerf patch of last year?
    Created: 30 May 2014 05:31 by Amaterasu
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