The 4th Coming


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  • 26 March 2015 22:10 in: Abomination
    Hey mouse and staff team, i want to talk about you about a great ideia to bring  ppl back to abo,
    and no one who had chars will loose anything, 
    The ideia is u have to make a new island, with different spots for xp but the xp maxmum same as the Pit 
    thats to dont change lvl range but everyone will can xp in different places same times cause tahts was the big problem of abo, xp was only in group on Pit and tahts very very bad none can do it many time,
    so u should do this new island and i am sureee abo will back very strong!
    Pls guys think about it, its not so hard, you have nothing to loose and yes it will work very well, why spended so time to fail a server 
    Thnxx for atention1!!