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  • 29 July 2013 15:21 in: Abomination
    I hope that relaunching keep the same time that was before... 2pm Brazil time is great.. 
  • 17 November 2013 16:05 in: Abomination
    sad to see all this neglects the server... 
  • 17 November 2013 16:12 in: Abomination
    look... warps is, for sure, a big problem..
    but what turns us CRAZY isnt mainly it... problems all servers will have...
    the BIGGEST problem is that noone is here to support... noone to tell players that will try to do something... when players are losing times hoping that next TW will be the last one, nothing change..
    god! where r all staff? 

  • 18 November 2013 09:37 in: Abomination
    Hey Mouse, ty for ur answer... I know that we do not see u not means u are not working... and i know that keep answering on foruns can be a lose of time as well... BUT, we need a feedback... all that thing happening and we feel like lost... wondering: "the guys r working on it? maybe yes.... or not.."
    if u r working on it and cannot spend ur time (correctly) answering foruns, please, ask someone of the server staff to do it... a link between u and us... we need comunicate... that was already a problem discussed...

    but ty for ur work, btw.
  • 18 November 2013 17:44 in: Abomination
    Great idea!!! it would be nice...

    btw, i guess it will be good to put pictures of pets on the shop... i don't think that ill buy one, but for who wants, its nice to see how is each pet...
  • 29 November 2013 05:59 in: Abomination
    No problem man!
    Hope all works fine =)