The 4th Coming


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  • 20 June 2017 23:00 in: 4th Saga
    trying to find holy light and there is nothing what so ever on any sites except to find it in iceland. 
  • 03 September 2013 21:15 in: Help
    so how do we log on to this shit? im confused..the patch u gave doesnt work and all im seeing above is a bunch of nonsense
  • 09 November 2013 20:07 in: Help
    i just got a new hp.supposed to be a better one then i had .when i download the game it downloads but when it opens all it is is ideas.i would think i wouldnt have to upgrade again ..
  • 10 November 2013 08:53 in: Help
    not sure i posted rite the first time. i have an hp laptop..supposed to be better then my old dell...i downloaded the game but when i open it the screen is black it doesnt even go to the log in screen.. ive tried redownload and running as admin..but nothing hoping i dnt need to update my video card but id like a second opinion first..