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  • 29 September 2014 14:06 in: Realmud
    I have the following characters for sale for USD via PayPal.

    1.  200 4x, Fallen Archer, Guild Mahogany Bow, Full Fallen Armor, Guild Midnight Shroud, Enhanced Wings, almost all access quests done including 4i, seal key, dragon tear (to learn elven sight), and several crafting quests.  No unnecessary skillpoints wasted on spells.

    Price:  $120
    w/ Deftness: $150

    2.  205 4x, Divine Warior, Titanium Scimitar +3, Guild Warder's Cloak, Guild BotAP, Glad ring, Zerker ring, Armband of Vigor, Girdle of Strength, almost all quests done including 4i, seal key, dragon tear (has already learned magic armor penetration), and crafting quests.  Gets over 1700str with full buffs.

    Price:  $100

    3.  232 4x, Titanium Dark Mage, almost all quests done.

    Price: $150
  • 01 October 2014 19:51 in: Realmud
    Option 1:  You buy the characters and pay $15 extra to cover a character transfer purchase from the webshop.  You give me the account name to transfer to, and we both email with the details.  Character appears on your account after he manually transfers it.

    Option 2:  The archer is on a separate account, and the warrior is on an account with a level 48 human.  I'd be willing to sell the accounts with the characters for no extra charge, but neither account has VIP access.
  • 02 October 2014 15:06 in: Realmud
    The archer is sold already, sorry.  You can contact me in game on Dumgard, ZulJin, Deplete, or Muletastic.
  • 22 November 2014 12:15 in: Realmud

    selling account with one dark mage 233+ and one earth divine 194+ all toon full equiped  titan divine 100m more in chest dragon tear ..... 100 usd mail me in {} or see arcange or seth in game.
    Thomas Bideaux