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  • 25 June 2014 01:33 in: General
     I hope you can help me:
    1. I don´t find a search Funktion to the Forum
    2. How can I extend my Vip Status and how much will it cost?
    Have a nice day:-)
  • 30 December 2015 05:22 in: General
    When comes an english languages or german version to play on the server neerya?
  • 02 January 2016 08:48 in: General
    I think for all who can´t Play last Weekend:-).
  • 27 June 2014 22:35 in: Realmud
    How can I extended my VIP Status und what does it cost monthly.
  • 30 June 2014 08:32 in: Realmud
    Where can i reload/imbue the miracle Stone. I cant use it. I became the following message:The miracle Stone is not activatet at the Moment. This is an occasional treat for the vip Playersan will not be constantly. My vip time Ends in 4 days. I cant extentet the vip time because there is nobutton to do it. Thanks for help.
  • 30 June 2014 22:57 in: Realmud
    Thanks for Information:-).
  • 02 July 2014 11:13 in: Realmud
    Is that right that i can buy in the Shop a Level 1 double and tripple Seraph?
  • 02 July 2014 22:58 in: Realmud
    Also can i buy an Lev. 3 Seraph an Play with the char. Who can i found the Seraph Chamber (i am new player) and how can i take the Char to my account, give him a Name and distribute the serapoints.
  • 03 July 2014 00:05 in: Realmud
    And how can i choose my alignment (Artherk or Ogrimar)?
  • 03 July 2014 11:55 in: Realmud
    Thanks for Information:-).
  • 05 July 2014 05:18 in: Realmud
    My Vipkeys are away an i dont know why.
  • 13 July 2014 02:34 in: Realmud
    Give it VIP weapons for fighters? I have only found one axe (blessed rusted Hand axe).Magic-user items can i buy with medals, hunter bows i found 8 differrent bows.Is this right or have ich found not all weapons for fighters. Thanks für answers:-).
  • 15 July 2014 22:18 in: Realmud
    It was very helful:-)
  • 02 August 2014 09:20 in: Realmud
    Up to wich Level can i go to the Vip arreas AR, RD, SH AL, and up to wich Level can i Play there, i dont found informations.
  • 03 August 2014 02:54 in: Realmud
     Irony on"thanks for help"irony offknow i now that i cant go back to the vip arrea SH with Level 121. know i cant find all the rest items that the evil commander Drops.*irony on" i wish you a nice sunday and have irony offgrmmlblmmrlll
  • 02 August 2014 12:51 in: Realmud
    What can i do with Raw gems?
  • 20 November 2016 09:07 in: Realmud
    Where can i Level  well from Level 121 upwards. The next Vip arrea i know started from Level 155+.Thanks for Held:-).
  • 20 November 2016 09:13 in: Realmud
    Where can i Level(realmund)  well from Level 121 upwards. The next Vip arrea i know started from Level 155+.Thanks for Help:-).

  • 22 November 2016 06:03 in: Realmud
    Where csn i  find the Npc to teleport to I4. Ich dont remember  because  i had a lang Gameboy break.Thx for help
  • 30 August 2014 22:16 in: 4th Saga
    I am looking for informations about crafting on the SAGA Server (Lists what i can craft and so on).
  • 30 August 2014 22:08 in: 4th Saga
    I am looking für hompages about Informations to the Server SAGA (Quests, Items etc.).
  • 31 August 2014 00:16 in: 4th Saga
    Can me help someone? I doesnt find Lists what i can craft and what do it Need.
  • 09 September 2014 23:09 in: 4th Saga
    How many Items/weight can i put in the storage chest.How many Items/weight buy i with every upgreade.Thy for help:-)
  • 14 September 2014 03:38 in: 4th Saga
     Thats a pitty that i dont bekome an answer to my question.Have fun and a nice sunday:-).
  • 26 January 2015 14:46 in: 4th Saga
    I hear a roumor there are good for a slotmaschine to win a Little present, i think that was a Joke.Also, what can i do realy tith GM Tokens? Anyone a little idea?
  • 15 February 2015 05:48 in: 4th Saga
  • 18 February 2015 04:16 in: 4th Saga
    Ok, thank you:-).
  • 18 February 2015 04:21 in: 4th Saga
    Give it a way to reset all or some serapoints on saga? For example to buy in the Shop a sroll as likerealmund.
  • 20 February 2015 07:16 in: 4th Saga
     What can i do with the scroll? Can i use the scroll, go through the Oracle and make the next rebirth without making the seraquest?
  • 21 February 2015 03:01 in: 4th Saga
    "so we are no
    so we are not forced to re-do boring walking quests over.. and over again t4c might have a chance at a future.

    I think its a good idea:-), after some walks it is very very boring ...
  • 25 February 2015 10:13 in: Help
    Je ai acheté un livre pour un Seraphierung dans la boutique . Problème , rien ne se passe . Je atterris seulement sur le concessionnaire de l'île .
    I bought a Scroll for a 1xSeraphierung in the shop. Problem, nothing happens . I landed only dealer of the Island.
  • 23 February 2015 10:19 in: Neerya
    ... French to english? It's to Long-winded to translate all the NPC/Question words in english. The Graphic ist very interested in.
  • 25 February 2015 04:22 in: Neerya
     ce que je peux acheter la devise Theos . Je ne ai trouvé cette information, vous pouvez acheter des packs démarreur et peut changer son apparence . Vous pouvez acheter des armes, des robes , etc.?

  • 25 February 2015 09:13 in: Neerya
    Depuis que je suis dépendant d'un traducteur de texte il me intéresse comment je peux Koperen les dialogues dans le jeu pour ensuite les entrer un traducteur . La conversation avec les autres joueurs est très lourd . Quelqu'un at-il une idée ? La copie d'habitude en utilisant la souris ne fonctionne pas et malheureusement Ctrl - C et Ctrl - V ne fonctionne pas non . Merci d'avance:-).
  • 25 February 2015 09:43 in: Neerya
     Je ai acheté un livre pour un Seraphierung dans la boutique . Problème , rien ne se passe . Je atterris seulement sur le concessionnaire de l'île .