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  • 17 November 2014 08:12 in: Realmud
    First of all Some Game Masters do some good work but if life has a grip on you pass the spot to someone who has time there is lots of players who pay and love to help others out very well who are on 12hours+ and next these events are getting weaker by the minute rare wins for lower classes there is 45+ players on during event and only 3 or 5 wins are granted pretty lame to me i rather not even try. Next I don't understand Rmg's then GM then no more logging I was a RMG for Rm and log daily i retired when i knew i was not going to be online to give the players another person who can guide them there is no excuse simply retired and help out as a volunteer with out STAFF tag or do your job that you agree to do I will be helping Alastor to make RealMud fun and great again everyone needs to do their part specially those who agree to be staff members and HGM's other then that least let the players know so they can quit in advance i am tired of hearing that this or that and mouse coming in and trying to calm the situation down (Wake up neerya is about to be the last server running and 4th saga which seem dead in july of 2014) :)
  • 17 November 2014 01:33 in: Realmud
    Just a quick question been seen a lot of players selling their toons like lots of old loyal players also leaving and no gm has log whats going on RM ?
  • 18 November 2014 02:05 in: Realmud
    I been playing for past two weeks heavily and no GM  I use to email Staff members even mouse don't reply for days until you really bug him and I don't think any one is coming back i seen several log in and just go back out and never relog I been here since Rm open I have help build Rm such as you and other staff members but don't you think is kinda sad 4th saga has more players now in days then  realmud this is not a fight between right and wrong . i think after a million staff members been hire and fire we all know the usual thing no gm logs for weeks is there anything that is going to be done I submitted ideas now hopefully alastor does something we are heading to holidays and i have move to World of warcraft along with 2 other t4c realmud players I am now in the sideline helping alastor and seen what goes on nothing less i will sink with the realmud ship if it dies out i have 200+ players still active in Realmud I just hope all staff come together and revive realmud once again 
  • 18 November 2014 02:14 in: Realmud
    4rhSaga Growth
  • 18 November 2014 02:15 in: Realmud
  • 18 November 2014 02:16 in: Realmud
    currently there is 3 players on realmud and 10 on saga 45 on neerya
  • 30 December 2014 19:37 in: Realmud
    selling it for 50usd  also has a Monk White Sash gm item email me at offer wont last long 
  • 07 January 2015 17:09 in: Realmud
    email me at subject it BUYING TOONS
  • 07 January 2015 17:10 in: Realmud
    email me at subject it BUYING TOONS
  • 24 October 2015 04:52 in: Realmud
    Please, fix the server: there are very frequent and long freezes that affect all players and several server crashes. Its almosr impossible to play like that.

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