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  • 18 October 2013 13:00 in: Realmud
    Hi there. I'm the founder of the Zions of Chaos (ZoC). If you'd like to see what my guild is all about, check us out at -- feel free to leave us a post on our public forums if you'd like more information. The Zions of Chaos is one of the oldest guilds on the server at just about 9 years old. We have a lot of great members and do not support PK/Rob. Check out our guild website and contact me or one of our officers in-game if you're interested! ~~Ritsuka HL / Chiron Curantis HL
  • 30 July 2014 10:45 in: Realmud
    I'm Chiron Curantis HL, the Founder of the Zions of Chaos. I'm glad that my guild's website ( has been helpful to you. To my knowledge, we have everything as far as Realmud Specifics and an archived version of the old T4CBible.Some of the things are organized kinda weirdly, so when in doubt, use the "Search" feature at the top of any page. If something is indeed missing, you can post on our Guild Forums and let me know and I will add it!Also, if you have a better/more in-depth walkthrough or anything else you'd like to see added to our site as far as content, please post on our forums and I will add it and give you credit on the page :) is not meant as just a resource for my guild, it is a community resource for the whole Realmud family!~Chiron
  • 03 August 2014 03:14 in: Realmud
    If you mean Raw Crystals, they are for making Gems of Courage in the Good Seraph quest:
  • 26 August 2014 12:03 in: Realmud
    Miss you Freyia! <3
  • 16 July 2015 14:55 in: Realmud
    Taurnil!! Hey, some of us old timers are still around!
    Come on back and play!
    ~Chiron ZoC HL (now Chiron Curantis HL, Ritsuka HL, Dusrion Curantis, Carpe Diem, etc...)