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  • 28 September 2013 15:58 in: General
    Je vais traduire.
    First post traduction :Hello, I won't write in english because I play on a french server and didn't ask to be integrated to an anglophone interface managed by non professionnal people.24 hours since we have troubles with the server (and we won't even speak about the stress tests for Abo...) and you have the same ability to communicate than a fetus, an absolute zero.
    Sick to suffer lags, crashes without any explanation, or maybe it is a meteorite that have been undertaken by hackers to take the interplanetary control of T4C and its players.... 
  • 28 September 2013 16:16 in: General
    I'm a Neerya player. Maybe it doesn't means you so much, but I like to play T4C and have paid to get shop stuff on this server.This means that I am a client, a customer.
    But maybe for Dialsoft, a client or a customer is not that important. Maybe it doesn't even means nothing to you.T4C is a game that we love to play. Now, you are ruining it.How ?
    Well, here is some reasons.
    -You have made us suffer a lot of crashes and lags during the time you were stress testing Abomination. Without any good communication, you lack of communication skills, even a mussel can communicate better than you, you left us in incomprehension of the situation.
    -Even with this stress testing, you can't seem to even be able to manage the new server's opening. We are experiencing lags anc crashes, so what your several weeks of testing were for ? Trying to piss off french players and kill T4C ?
    -I assume that Dialsoft is, as it is written on your LinkedIn enterprise profile, a full service Information Technology services company. I mean : come on guys, you are suppose to give professionnal services in IT and can't even handle game server hosting or attacks from hackers on your servers ? Are you f-word-ing kidding ?Even pirate servers offer more stability and more communication than you guys. You truly are a joke. A terrible joke. 
    -When you talked about Marc moving and having to move the servers, I was quite impressive. Not in a good way, I have always thought that you were professionnaly hosting the game servers. I mean, at least having them running on a virtual machine or kept them in your business office. Not having them running from a home basement on old computers like pirate server do.
    If you want to safely host game servers, you can contact me. I am a professionnal web designer and work with professionnal web hosting and since several months, my partner has released a professionnal server hosting for games only, including virtual machines.
    -Did I mentionned your lack of communication skills ? Let's repeat it. You guys can't communicate effectively. What are you in fact ? Teenagers in their basement ? That would explain why Marc had to shut the servers down the time he moved.
    If you want to make a bit of money with T4C and a least pay your server electricity, please,  listen more to your clients and do something about your stability.We are really pissed off.