The 4th Coming


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  • 19 March 2014 05:57 in: Realmud
    I always use that time for doing all the quests. Utilize your time!!
  • 30 March 2014 21:16 in: Realmud
    Just from my personal experience with this I'm not so sure its the graphics. I mean seriously, If you disable your "sound card" it is virtually eliminated. So how does that make it a graphic issue? Sounds to me like its the sounds involved more than the graphics. I dunno maybe I'm off but that's my experience with it.
  • 30 March 2014 21:20 in: Realmud
    I've had that happen too. Was told its a flag sticking issue and any GM can fix it.
  • 26 August 2014 09:13 in: Realmud
    Was going to reply what I really think but that would just piss you off and make you quit.
  • 23 January 2017 13:01 in: Realmud
    Been awhile. Hows realmud doing? anything new in the past 2 years?
  • 27 November 2013 12:27 in: Help
    If you are try the Zions of Chaos web site. we have a download link there as well.
  • 24 January 2017 16:29 in: Help
    same here. Trying to make a comeback. been about 3 years since I played.
  • 28 January 2017 12:58 in: Help
    any solutions GM's?