The 4th Coming


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  • 28 December 2013 04:22 in: 4th Saga
    Thank you for the awsome hunt it was so fun even tho it was time consuming lol but still very enjoyable to say the least 8o)
  • 07 January 2014 12:53 in: 4th Saga
    it gives the chance to old players to comeback and lvl there toon and give them something to stride for.Plus some are bored so it gives them a chance not to be bored.
  • 07 January 2014 19:10 in: 4th Saga
    The problem with going 10X is that you will have to do all AR , RD and SH quests to access the NPC in order to overseraph , Who in there right minds want to do that. On other Servers i have been on you could just use portals and go to SH and do it fast but not on this server so it will be a pain to go 10x. To be honest it wouldn't be worth it then , most of the old players would only have to do it twice which would be just enough.imagine doing all access quests 7 more times each and thats without counting if there is another quest to overseraph lol. I don't understand that one person is trying to make the game imtresting and that people just bitch about it. If you so fucking good then y are you not a DEV or a GM to input and do something about it rather then bitch.