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  • 11 January 2014 12:48 in: 4th Saga
    That's right, I said it! Imma noob here on Saga. That said, I been playing this game since '98 and still love it! I am not going to pretend I know what's happened here in the past or claim to know a lot about Saga content, but since I feel I am now a part of this community, I am going to put in my two cents. Take it or leave it for what it's worth. I am not trying to bash anyone nor is it my intention to hurt any feelings. I do have a few words to share, however.

    First of all, speaking of community, this is one reason why I love this game so much. When I began playing T4C many moons ago, for me it was about the community much more than game content. Hence, my human lvl 187 character. It wasn't about how many seraphs I could do, it was about helping people and having fun with the people playing. I have found that on Saga there is a tremendously helpful and pleasant group of people who play here, even outside of the guild I am part of (props to mah guild btw... u guyz rock!). With this in mind, I wouldn't care if the max seraph lvl was 200!! Hell... as long as I get to continue playing with great people, I have nothing to complain about ;) These people are extremely easy to get along with, and fun too! If I wasn't able to find a group here, I would likely find a server where I could find fun folk to have fun with. Maybe that's not everyone's cup of tea and they just have to find crap to complain about... to each their own, heh... *shrugs* some folks just operate that way :D

    That being said, it's impossible to make 100% of the population happy anywhere you go. From what I understand by reading all this, the changes being made here are by a majority consensus. Now weather we were here or not to partake in this consensus is out of the Dev teams control, and not their fault. It was talked about and decided on. Was I here? No. Am I complaining? No. Should I complain? If I found something seriously out of place maybe... but going 4 or 5 x? Lol, if I don't like it I can stay 3x. But I'd rather partake in the new content personally, and I have utmost confidence that wolv will make it work well. I've known the guy for years and he's a pretty damn smart fella that guy is!

    As for the logistics of 4 and 5 x... is it uber powerful? Nah... Does it add benefits? Sure! The attack aura and healing aura make it possible to do higher endurance builds easier, and in the long run makes your character more powerful. If I am 5x vs. a 3x with the same build and skills to PVP with the same lvl, my 5x is going to win. Am I going to reach my dream build because it's here? Nah, 5x don't mean i can attain it any better, but yes I will reach my goals at an earlier lvl and content will be a huge factor in weather or not it's attainable. Once again, this is up to that smart fella I mentioned earlier. I'm sure he'll get it figured out ;)

    I don't want to be long-winded here, so I'll stop on that note :D I just can't figure what the fuss is about lol. Have fun, make friends, and enjoy the game the way you want to. If you don't like the content, leave and find a place which suits you better. If it's acceptable and you can live with it, don't complain and become a part of this awesome community!

    Pretty sure that wraps it up for me :D


  • 16 February 2014 07:33 in: 4th Saga
    Want a Cookie?
  • 09 March 2014 09:30 in: 4th Saga
    This is mainly addressed to GWEN!

    Saying that i feed the realm with bullshit is beyond insult! I only try to help folks. You have offended me and i tend to rectify it!  If I am wrong I will apologize.

    TU is the subject. It is stronger if you add wis earlier is the debate. Minimal as it is, it still makes a difference.

    Let's see if we can get the truth and put it to rest!