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  • 04 February 2014 03:26 in: General
    not only warps, but huge lagg, crashes, black screens, login handler stucks etc... atleast all the time im played since christmas. I was paying vip, but playable like this and price for those? no way.
  • 04 February 2014 03:18 in: Realmud
    next time u could warn for updates like that, yesterday i got killed in vip gobs, thanks for naked and no spells on, and ofcourse no teleport to temple. Lost only bunch of gold (own fault, didnt muled those) and some easy xp, but still... i was in oracle like hour earlier, u can imagine my language if thats happens there...
    Anyways looks like slightly updates, why have to rip all off and teleport every player to sanctuary for mods like those?
    last but no least, why punish mages with that forester ring?
  • 22 August 2014 08:49 in: Realmud
    I  prolly quit becose i cant see any choices level my archer who is like 4x 110 or my light/earth who is 130+ or so (if pman is allready busy or i cant get group for there). New setup on 4th island is poor, and i mean shit when i say poor. Theres not any leveling spots anymore, if you need pouches for guests, it takes ages unless you wanna team with possible unknown lootstealer/ganker. It was hard before patch, now its impossible. Looks like VIP is only place now where u can level at all if you are archer/warrior/air/water or dark, maybe even earth. I was planning pay vip later on spring, but hell no after that move and boring vip's i cant see any reason why i should continue playing at all.
    cu all on other games or later if there coming changes.