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  • 07 February 2014 11:30 in: Realmud
    Starts to piss me off these undroppable items. How soon RM goes to make armors, weapons and quest items to undropable? At AR lvl's if I go end first my undrops take 19enc. If you add ACP and armor I wear I cant take pots almost at all with me before Im near lvl100!! WTH!!

    Also, this game is going to pay more than eve or wow... Come on. If I pay for play (like I would do if server would work) 100usd / year why I should pay tens of dollars just to trade items from char to char? If I want to test different builds at different toons before I make my final char I need to swap items from char to char and every trade cost real cash. LOL!

    And if I dont pay tens of dollars / year only for swapping items from char to char I end up with char that has only theoretical test (Like it seems some items has because they have to change after people get they high lvl regs for them) and char may suck. And, if lucky, char works I have lots of items I never use just filling my backpack because RM is greedy. Come on!!

    Im soo near to vote with my feets and leave. Like it seems some other people has done. But maybe that wont be loose for RM because staff behind T4C (Not RM staff) noticed they made bad choises and all they got from vircom was game that wasnt ready and they dont know how to fix that. And yes, Im angry atm. But after all... come on. There is lots of other games Im happily spend my moneys because... Wait, I dont need to pay them anymore because I already bought them. And I paid less than I would pay only for couple of item trades.

    - M -
  • 29 September 2017 10:47 in: Realmud
    Account with chars:
    goodie 4x lvl193 air mage (40/400/40/310/370 - 125 pwr) with... Undroppable items: Freyais blessing, coral shield, xp orbs (4x 15min double xp, 9 double xp 45min and 3 triple xp), 21 luck orbs, rabbit ears, light blue wings, extended spell / gem timer scrolls, gluriurl jewelry, moib Droppable items: Optional... Mantle of air, titan armor, wand of lost sorcery, taranis jewelry, mystic headband of the wind, sapphire power focus.
    Evil 4x lvl183 warrior (433/350/75/150/102 - 140 earth res and 120 air res and 110 air res) Undroppable items: Rabbit ears, gluriurl jewelry, xp orbs (2x 15min double xp, 4 double xp 45min and 3 triple xp), 3 luck orbs, extended gem timers Droppable items: Optional: Dragon armor set with shield, darkwood shield, hero's amulet, gladiator ring, ring of berserker, blade of the ancient phoenix, 10 ac bracers (leaves/cracked/prismatic)
    Goodie 2x lvl 35 mage (30/100/30/100/60 - 120 fire pwr) Undroppable items: Rabbit ears, xp orbs (3 3x orbs and 6 15min double xp) Droppable items: None atm.
    Stuff: Gold (200+ million, full azure armor, athena's necklace, chipped azure ring, glowing orb, good seraph items set (almost full if not full), resist pots, critical healing pots, mana prisms, 200+ 4th island dusts and books (For xp / quests), Fire/Dark/earth robes (not 4th island), mantle of elements, girdle of insight, armband of vigor, mantle of light, power focuses, full fallen armor set (for archer), full ancient armor (without shield), spectral helm, geet, dragonscale set, eye og the tiger... etc etc.

    Email me and ask what you need with offer (usd / eur only) as Ill leave from server.

  • 01 October 2017 09:30 in: Realmud
    Yes, all 3 chars are on same account. I dont know where the prices goes nowadays so offer me something here or via email.
  • 02 October 2017 11:27 in: Realmud
    In this case Freyias blessing (that is orb, that takes orb slot) gives more air power (+6).

    You should just say somekind of price... what those chars would be worth for you (and do you want gold / items with them). Chars have best items they can wear but chests are empty if no other have been choosed.