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  • 27 June 2014 04:28 in: General

     I do want to say I am saddened to see we are loosing havoc from our Dialsoft community.
    I want to extend a warm Welcome to the Havoc Community to the Saga Community.
    With this in mind I want to offer a 2x toon per person and IP and 5m gold in that characters bank If you should wish to join Saga please email me at



    Thank You



  • 07 December 2013 13:14 in: 4th Saga
    Hello! everyone this is Wolverine i have  been going through findingall the broken npc's. Here are all the items added and fixed. 
    put a protection dispel hook on lh jude protection.fixed cape of loathsomeness which had total neg numbersadded cape of anubus added npc ms erickaadded bracers of the goddess (redone)added bracers of the storm to the goddess (redone)Fixed all the un named monsters on 4iadded dracons to ar north of trolladded elite dracons to rd out side of mtn of desertadded escaped wasp sh east of beltigansfixed saga robe of blessings (it had bugs)fixed the quest that needed wild pigs on rd (added wild pigs)put in quest to exchange robe of pink wizard  to red (npc rufus)took out starlynn npc (broken npc)took out ezebelle npc (broken npc) fixed 33 bugs.
    I have a large set of notes of other items which are being fixed atmand i have more fixed items that are coming in the next day or so.I have many plans for diffrent things to do and create some nice lvlingspots. So come and check what has been added so far. I do know and understand there are lots more items and things that need fixed and more contenti am working on new content items which will be launched in the near future.
  • 23 December 2013 14:58 in: 4th Saga
    Merry Christmas from Saga Staff Here is a schedule of events we will be holding during the holidays.
    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all Realmers!!!
    Join us during the holidays for some fun events and Holiday cheers!!
    Starting on December 24rd and ending on January 2nd there will be a Candy Cane hunt. Find the scattered candy canesand earn valuable prizes.
    From December 26 to December 27 Santa has prepared a scavenger hunt. You will receive a list of items according to yourlevel and have 48 hours to gather the items and exchange them for an in-game item of your choice.  
    From December 28 to December 29 join in for Santa's XP Event. During this event you will benefit from 2 hours of doublexp time repeatable up to 6 hours per day. Please note that you can not combine XP orbs while getting the double XP boost.Also the 2 hours is game time so make sure not to go afk or have to leave during that time or it will be lost.
    On December 30th a Raid will be held on all islands individualy.
    The Saga staff wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  • 26 December 2013 00:12 in: 4th Saga
    Hi all!!!
    Here are the lists for the Santa's Scavenger Hunt!!
    Event last 48 hours after which you will after to turn in your items for claim your prize!!!
    Lists are according to your levels!
    Good luck all and Happy Hunting!
    List for Arakas (level 1-25)
    Amulet of dodging x 1Antelope skins x 50Apples x 25Blank magic scrolls x 50Bracelet of power x 1Cloak of deceit x 1Cloth scraps x 50Dark keys x 10Decaying bat wings x 25Elderberry x 25Feathers x 10Fireblinkers x 100Goblin Blood x 10Goblin blade x 1Goblin skin x 50Iron keys x 5Jarko's Amulet x 2Kingsfoil x 25Kraanian eggs x 50Mint condition mints x 50Pink tree leaf x 2Pouch of yellow powder x 2See grass x 25Shiny mints x 50Sparkweed x 25String x 50Sword of fury x 3Triffid x 25Vial of spider venom x 5Woodland robe x 3

    List for Raven's Dust (level 26-50)
    Black Lizardskin boots x 1Bloodstone necklace x 1Bow of the spiders x 1Cape of fire resistance x 2Cloak of the skull x 1Dead fish x 25Death Jester skull x 10Demon tree leaves x 100Dragon's tooth x 10Empty mug x 20Flask of air x 50Flask of bluish liquid x 10Flask of crystal water x 10Flask of fire x 50Gleaming shards x 25Golden chalice x 10Jade ring of sorcery x 1Juicy hams x 100Human foot x 1Light essence fragment x 25Magical lute x 10Mummy's bandages x 50Orcish shield x 1Potion of heroism x 10Pouch of blue cohosh x 10Pouch of witch Hazel x 10Skeleton bones x 25Red gem x 3Ring of the bear x 5Ring of the forester x 1Shaman's mantle x 1Spool of wool x 100Stone keys x 5Tarantula eyes x 100Yellow gem x3

    List for Stoneheim (level 51+)
    Assassin blade x 3Blackened Iron Key x 3Blade of heroism x 20Blank magic tome x 10Bow of centaur slaying x 1Bracers of battle x  1Cat claw ornated staff x 1Chaos Keys x 25Cord of treachery x 2Cracked blue bracers x 1Crude Skraug bow x 1Darkwood shield x 1Dragon scale x 10Essence of bloodlust x 20Finely crafted drums x 5Finely cut moonstone x 5Flask of crystal water x 15Gauntlets of shocking x 1Gem of the immortal x 20Gold ore x 25Grail of purity x 25Human bones x 50Key of the lost soul x 5Lost psalms of Artherk x 5 full setsRed spell book x 10Ring of the rogue x 10Sacrificial daggers of bleeding x 20Spectral helm x 1Spider shape ring x 1Spider venoms x 25Tarantula fangs x 25Villain skull x 100Moon Tug scalps x 200Silk x 50Wasp Wax x 100
  • 08 January 2014 18:23 in: 4th Saga

    do agree with wasted going  what ever x you want doesnt make the giant change to how powerful you are even though it does make your aura increase each time you seraph. As for x4 and x5 im not adding a 5th island but the matter of adding a under world for sh people and a island that will be a x4 island and as if i go x5 there will be a island for that seraph number. What this does in retrospect this will add a new view on things as in a whole new story line which this server is lacking. Off of this story line will be many sub story lines that will allow new things that can be achieved in game. This will continue things for people to do being allot of people are not the ones who like to grind and grind all the time, even though some population are grinders....


    My goal here is adding new content and use up allot of vacant space where stuff hasn't been developed. As a developer i do listen to all and consider everyone's idea's and i tend to go with the majority of what the people want in a whole. I have been working this way for nearly 20 years and don't tend to change because i like people and doing stuff for them or I wouldn't be doing t4c. I write programs for  Satelites in RL I also write in nearly 14 diffrent programming languages but that is besides the point being i dont plan to be or act like the big guy here. I am just a player too because i like to play just as much and any of you....


    Back to the game issue i have did research on Saga and know where it was started and where it went and why it is where it is now. and that is besides the point because i would like to see and help this server move out of the past and lets move it into the future and get player base back up, which I have seen a dramatic increase in players which is continuing to grow We are continuing to see new players to join the saga family. I was put here on Saga by Mouse to straighten things out which since ive been here ive fixed 39 broken quests which ether missing mia monsters or mia items or mia npc's... I have been going through area's and making them fair to be able to kill things which is called balance. I still have to keep a challenge in things so people will still try to figure ways to make your characters better....


    When I was put here the option was put out on the table to wipe the server clean and start over but i chose to keep it the way it was. I have seen some strong points and have seen some weak point which i plan to work on. Fixing broken items, places, spells, monsters are a key factor first. Then trying to please everyone is a balance in itself to. Sometimes strong moves in the daily game life need to be made to create a new experience to all players to break the stale everyday doing the same-o. I do have alot of work ahead of me plan to keep things in a timely manner. I am not one to try to create drama, I am one i really don't care for drama. I would rather forget the drama and lets all move forward to something new....


    I guarantee with some of these new moves they are not moves that have no meanings, but to create new content and a large new story line. I have sat and viewed everyone trying to lvl upper lvl toons and have notice the struggle. I have also can see why people quit because they are just tired of the same-o of just grinding all the time. Ive had large chats with mouse and have come to conclusions that its time to start a new story line and then build off of that story line. And yes there will be allot of new things in store for Saga and hope you all will have fun with all the changes and new content and have fun. I am hoping everyone will still have fun and keep coming back while we continue to attract new players to come and visit us. I do hope everyone will welcome the new players to make them feel welcome. Remember numbers is what is going to keep this server alive for a long time to come....



    Thank you


    Wolverine HGM/DEV

  • 30 April 2014 01:38 in: 4th Saga
    I want to say thank you to all who participated with the Easter Egg hung and i have the results.

    SH Winners

    Nerves level 158      =4163 eggs

    Steelhands level 147=3841 eggs

    Arthur level 155,      =3507 eggs

                     RD winner

    Lady Craz level 34   =623 eggs

                     LH Winner

    Darkwanderer level 20=403 eggs



    Onion level 28 =26 eggs

    willie (monkey) =74 eggs

    saffron level 44 197 eggs

    cinnamon level 86= 382 eggs

    maelynn = 224 eggs

    darkman level 81 =110 eggs

    Le level 69 =165 eggs

    Slipperysam level 14  = 116 eggs

    Time bandit  =48 eggs

    Lost time level 40 = 231 eggs

    Bridgette level 69=298  eggs

    Jaraxle COA level 70 =35  eggs

    Pezboi level 41= 215  eggs

  • 29 August 2014 11:17 in: 4th Saga

    Phase 2 scenario on August 30th 7:00 pm EST Level 50 and higher are welcome.