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  • 05 August 2013 23:02 in: General
    I paid for 1 month of VIP for 0.01$ . I had it for a good 1 hour and it got removed, why? I took opportunity of such a low price!
    I did not get a refund once removed! Ha ha!
    I think i deserve that month of vip since i paid + proudly told you there wss a mistake with the price!
    - Kevin , proud t4c fan!
  • 05 August 2013 23:03 in: General
    Transaction ID #49182949YV428143S
  • 06 August 2013 08:55 in: General
    I was kidding with that refund lol. Lets be honest, its one cent. Wish i could have kept my VIP tho! Looked so sweet!
  • 30 July 2013 23:35 in: Abomination
    Hello, will there be cost to play on Abomination? Also, will it be a fresh wipe? If i downloaded the client that you can find on this website, will i be able to log directly on the server upon launch by selecting Abomination in the server list? 
    Bonjour, va t il y avoir des couts pour jouer sur Abomination? Le serveur va etre redemarrer a 0? Jai telecharger le client sur le site . Cest tout ce don jai besoin pour pouvoir jouer sur Abomination?
    Merci et bon jeu!Thanks and have fun!
  • 03 August 2013 18:46 in: Abomination
    Perfect thanks, cannot wait to play this server.
    Merci, j suis impatient de jouer sur ce serveur!
  • 05 August 2013 10:57 in: Abomination
    What class will you roll first upon opening?Quelle classe allez vous faire a l"ouverture?