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  • 26 September 2013 09:52 in: General
    Hey dalia. VIP is for all servers now and not individually like before. You can locate your VIP plan under MY ACCOUNT to the right, if you're currently on a plan you may need to wait for it to expire before it displays the purchase options again.
  • 27 January 2014 12:07 in: General
    Hey. As I've said every time I've been on the past couple days, they are aware of the warps and are analyzing the data to determine the cause, then they can act on preventing them. When a crash happens, we need players to email us immediately with the time of crash, whether there's a warp or not and if the site is also down at the same time. This wasn't brought to attention as soon as it could have. Bear with them as they are working on it and soon as I know more I will let the players know.

    If you think you have lost any items from the warps, please email me the details and I will look to see if those items can be returned.
  • 24 August 2013 10:13 in: Realmud
    Hey both, there will eventually be a content area on this site with quests and all information that old had. Hopefully that will be soon, but we're still waiting on them, as you know - it's busy times presently.
  • 24 August 2013 10:10 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, apologies on late response. This topic will be discussed soon at length and I'll get back to you with information when we have weighed it out. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me or Culigan them.
  • 24 August 2013 10:06 in: Realmud
    Hey Karapola88, they're still working on the necessary tools to move items over, as soon as they're done and it's ready it will be announced :).
  • 24 August 2013 10:04 in: Realmud
    Hey, have you got this resolved yet?
  • 24 August 2013 10:18 in: Realmud
    Hey all. For information on VIP prices you'll need Marc and/or Mouse to supply information for the rise. As us HGMs do not set the prices for VIP anymore because they affect all servers, so Dialsoft officially will determine costing of VIP packages from now on. I believe it was raised as it is for all servers now and not just an individual server.
  • 24 August 2013 10:00 in: Realmud
    Hey, thanks smetty for supplying the quests and info :D
  • 24 August 2013 09:58 in: Realmud
    I'm sorry but offline mule won't be coming back, RM was the only server to offer that feature and with the new multi-server site it is best to not have it, plus it can be debated that items should be in-game. But on a positive note, all offline mule items will be returned to you via your storage chests and chests will have unlimited enc for the time being. They're still working on the tools to move items over, so hopefully that will be soon.As soon as we're setup with access to modify the server again (soon, however they're busy at the preset time working on fixing the network solution and Abo) we will begin dev work on Realmud again. If you have any ideas please feel free to submit them by email to myself or Culigan.
  • 24 August 2013 09:52 in: Realmud
    Hey Amaterasu, Miracle stone is turned on for the weekend (like most weekends), but remember to not ask for it as that will delay it's activation. Enjoy!
  • 24 August 2013 09:51 in: Realmud
    Hey Cow, apologies you cannot connect. What message do you see when you try? 'Cant connect to server' ? If you get that, then go in MY COMPUTER > C DRIVE > PROGRAM FILES > T4C REALMUD or whatever the folder is for the client and open up the iplist file, be sure it has this IP for Realmud server: Realmud#

    if it doesn't have that IP, then delete the one it has and replace it with that. Then try and connect and it should work perfectly.

    Again, input Realmud# if it is a different IP currently in the iplist file.
  • 27 August 2013 15:02 in: Realmud
    Hey Nikisftw. A quick fix for you is to highlight and copy all contents of iplist and delete the file, then open a new notepad file and paste in the IPs you copied to your clipboard, save it as iplist in that very same folder and then try and log-in via the client. Let me know if that works or not please.
  • 24 August 2013 09:45 in: Realmud
    Hey Sharp. The bible is mostly used as primary forums still, but I'll invest more time to check the RM forums from now on and reply where I can. You can see news on the current workings for site and the network errors on the news page here at
  • 27 August 2013 14:55 in: Realmud
    I know we're emailing now to try and resolve your issue. But to anyone else having issues like this, it's far better to email me at for a much quicker response time and assistance :).
  • 29 August 2013 13:09 in: Realmud
    Greetings all. I'm just issuing a heads up that the servers and will be down in the morning (Friday 30th) from around 8am EST as they are moving to another new network. The downtime can be anything between 1-3 hours or possibly a little longer if they encounter any problems. Hopefully it will be a brief transition and the servers and site will be up soon after.
  • 01 September 2013 09:34 in: Realmud
    Hey there AMBERX, are you able to log-in now?
  • 02 September 2013 10:36 in: Realmud
    Hello guys, are people still having difficulty logging on to servers? Be sure your iplist file has the correct IPs. Right click your T4C desktop icon and click OPEN FILE LOCATION, then find iplist and open it. Be sure it has the following:

    If one or all IPs are listed differently than the above, then copy and paste this list over (to replace what it currently has), then save the notepad file and attempt to log-in once again.
  • 05 September 2013 16:02 in: Realmud
    Hey there Chupette. Are you saying you haven't migrated characters over yet? Now that you've made a account, you select REALMUD under the active server shields to the right. Then click GAME GUIDE, SYSTEM, MIGRATION WIZARD and then another log-in box will appear, now you enter your OLD Realmud account details and then you will see your characters in listed format, just simply transfer them to your new account and you're set to go :). If you still have problems following the above, please email me at

    Hope you get it sorted swiftly :).
  • 07 September 2013 13:23 in: Realmud
    Welcome back Ember! Glad to see you again :-)
  • 10 September 2013 10:53 in: Realmud
    In my opinion I'd go with a divine earth mage... love me wis mages! Good for both AC via spells and damage.
  • 10 September 2013 10:50 in: Realmud
    Hey sugar, the offline mule transfer tool is still in the works, hopefully it will be up and running within a few days now that VIP/gold tools are completed. Keep an eye out on the news section here and bible (as I'll also post there to allow all players to see).
  • 10 September 2013 10:48 in: Realmud
    He's was sorted on Sunday :).
  • 10 September 2013 10:57 in: Realmud
    Hey eversmile4421. There was an error with the seraph/remort character system on the site but you'll be very glad to see they have been fixed and I added 2x and 3x seraphs back to the store just now!
  • 10 September 2013 11:21 in: Realmud
    Greetings all, I thought it would be best if I posted the server's rules here as the content side of the site is not live yet. Please read the following carefully.

    First of all, it is important to remember that all game accounts and their contents (characters, items…) remain sole property of Dialsoft Inc. The players only have the right to access the accounts ; this right can be removed at any time for any reason or for no reason by a member of the Realmud staff. By creating an account, or buying the access rights to an account, or acquiring these rights in any other way, and logging on to the Realmud server, you agree to these terms, as well as the rest of the rules herein.

    The General rules of the Realmud T4C server are as follows:

    -These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice.
    -Any decision a staff member takes is final. If you disagree with rules 1 and/or 2, feel free to contact either Alastor HGM or Freyia HGM  in game, but be sure of your claim. They don’t like having their time wasted.

    -All account information must be filled in and valid. This is to help retrieve stolen accounts.

    -The 4th Coming is to be played using common sense. We are a community; keep that in mind, as there are others here to play as well as you, and each and every person is to be considered.
    -Account sharing is allowed, but not supported. Any and all actions performed on a character are deemed character responsible, not by the person behind the screen, and so the character shall be punished, whether it was you behind the screen or not.
    -Bashing staff is not good for your health or your account.
    -Punishments a staff member gives, such as removing shouts/pages/overheads or jailing, is to be given back ONLY by that staff member. If you do not know which staff member punished you, contact a HGM. If you get teleported to jail you need to stay online until the countdown timer ends THEN you are to contact a HGM to request release DO NOT just recall.
    -Bug abuse is, of course, illegal and shall lead to rather severe reprimands, as are Third Party Programs (TPPs).
    -Do not advertise other servers or games in public CC's.
    -Impersonating another player for causing trouble is also frowned upon, as are making names with offensive words, especially if you pretend to be that player.
    -Re-seraphing is possible : 100k*lvl for 1x and 2x, and 200k*lvl for 3x and 4x. Minimum level to reseraph is level 50 (do not ask for free reseraphs as a smack in the mouth usually offends).
    -At the moment, VIPs are open 24/7, limited to 2 hour inside VIP followed by a 1 hour in-game exhaustion. That is subject to change at any time.VIP Keys are obtainable by paying for more than 31 days and asking a HGM in game for keys.
    -GM's identities are to remain private. If by “chance” you know the name, or have an idea, you are not permitted to share or divulge that information in game or on any other place.
    -Name changes are 2k*lvl gold, There are to be no numbers or dashes in names / tags, except for ones which were made before this rule came into effect. Guilds are now created through a quest.
    -All High Leaders and Leaders of guilds must be level 50+ IF a character is level 50+ then seraphs it is deemed acceptable for them to keep their HL or L status.
    Chat Rules
    -Verbal harassment of any type, including but not limited to language of a racial, sexual, explicit, swearing or offensive nature in any language or slang is not tolerated. The punishments shall range from a short reprieve of the player’s shouts to a month or more, based on gravity, history of infringements by the player, and the staff member’s discretion. Masking, as in the use of symbols to replace letters, is also frowned upon. Shouting (all caps) and spamming (constantly typing in a channel so as to block it) are not very well viewed either, and will be punished. Using a different character / account to circumvent the loss of shouts will only make matters worse. Asking people to shout for you only gets them in trouble as well.
    -Instigation and/or provocation of rule breaking is frowned upon, and the Game Masters can punish this as they see fit.
    -Private CC's are not moderated but if a creator of a CC asks a HGM people can and will be removed from said CC. (If there is question to the ownership of the CC then final decision will rest with the HGM).
    -The CC MAIN is used for game related chat. The CC CHATTER is the one used for mindless speeches, who’s-your-favorite-band debates, and things of this sort. CC 4Sale is used for selling/buying/trading of things. This is to enable people that aren’t interested in the debates to turn you off. Please use the English language in all public CC’s except non English speaking CC's, where the appropriate languages are to be spoken.
    -Logs will be checked to reinforce these rules as needed.
    -If there is debate as to what is game related, the staff will decide. Please see rules 1 and 2 of the General rules.
    PVP Rules
    -The back door of SH temple is no PK. The Oracle room (only the room where the NPC lives) is also no PK.
    -Various events and / or raids are non-PK / rob. This is announced at the beginning and during the event, and breaking this rule leads to serious punishment.
    -Excessive PKing is not allowed anywhere except in the front of the Stone Crest temple. The staff decides what excessive is, see rules 1 and 2 of the General rules (no temple trapping at SilverSky Temple and WindHowl Temple).
    -Attacking NPCs so as to make them unusable for others is not allowed.
    -Dragging/Moving monster bosses such as Dark Wanderer of SH, Evil Commander(s) of VIP Islands or other bosses to other areas in order to XPK players is not permitted.
    Trading Rules
    -We have a secure trade system in game, use it. Trades and self mulings on the ground are not supported.
    -Scamming is definitely not allowed ; and when you auction an item, the winner of the auction has to pay what he bid (with the exception of ridiculous bids, based on what the staff finds ridiculous) and he has to get the item.
    -Be careful where you trade. If you trade at RST, don’t feel bad if you lose your item to a rob.
    -With rule 3 in mind - Robbing someone you have called for a trade is considered a scam and will lead to punishment.
    -Buying / Selling / Trading accounts is a risky business, please take utmost care when doing so, we can’t always recover lost items/characters/accounts.
    -The following items cannot be robbed, taken from a death pile or dropped from the accounts or characters on which they were created. They can be traded with the character via payment. Wizard’s Bane, Cloak of the Midnight Mists, Mantle of Infinite Blessings, Cloak of the Ages, Soul of Flare. They are only obtainable through winning a “major”, or HGM event. These events are usually announced in advance.
    -The punishments for breaking these rules can vary depending on the staff member and the offense.
    -They range from loss of shouts/pages/overheads, jail time, exp loss, PVP rights loss, reseraphing, suspension and deletion of accounts and their content. The deletion or permanent suspension are, by nature, irreversible.
    -If another punishment is deemed necessary, it shall be performed.
    -If you have problems with a punishment, contact a HGM in game, but make sure it’s a valid point.

    Any questions regarding these rules can be answered by Alastor in game or at Please note that these rules are regularly updated with no notice, and it is up to you, the player, to make sure that you are aware of them.
  • 10 September 2013 14:21 in: Realmud
    Greetings guys! I'm told that the transfer tool for moving items from your old offline mules to your in-game storage chests will be made available by 6pm EST tonight.Though allow some leeway in case it gets held up slightly.

    I'm sure once live, they'll be a post made on news so be sure to check that for information.
  • 12 September 2013 09:54 in: Realmud
    Hey all. There was an error when trying to transfer over gold from the offline mule to storage chests. If you think you're missing any gold, please contact me at and I'll investigate and return it to you.
  • 10 September 2013 15:05 in: Realmud
    Hey all. As a thank you for your continued patience and understanding through the major changes and waiting on the completion of new systems, I'd like to present you, the players, with 2 special gifts.

    1. A discount code for the store that will be running for a week (7 days), ending Tuesday 17th September. So please be sure to use it when making store purchases, if you forget to use it I cannot undo what's done... so remember to use it! The coupon is: REALMUD01 (the 0 is a ZERO).

    2. Double XP Weekend from Friday  - Monday. I will have this turned on sometime Friday and it will go off any time on Monday 16th September.

    I hope you enjoy the above! See you in-game.
  • 14 September 2013 19:12 in: Realmud
    Hey Maledetto, I'm awfully sorry but I see this helmet being robbed from you by another player. As a policy we do not broadcast the name of the person responsible. Please take care and be certain items are either equipped or chested when you venture in unsafe zones.
  • 25 September 2013 10:09 in: Realmud
    Hey Amaterasu. I'll be discussing things with Culi as soon as we're both able. Perhaps we can work on some things, I'll keep you and the players posted.
  • 04 October 2013 09:47 in: Realmud
    Hey there GazFaz, welcome to Realmud. Eventually the server specific content will get added to But for now you will find these links very useful:

  • 12 October 2013 08:05 in: Realmud
    Thanks guys! Was a blast :)
  • 12 October 2013 08:03 in: Realmud
    Hey GazFaz. Please email me the following information at

    Account name
    Name for the 2x
    Male or Female
    Good or Evil

    As soon as I have that and can verify you do have a Trilogy character, I can set you up with the 2x on RM asap.
  • 18 October 2013 12:52 in: Realmud
    Hey GazFaz.On Realmud we prefer to not sell items such as those mentioned in your post. Part of playing is to gather items for quests. However we have sold some as holiday packages (i.e. last year at Christmas) and they were available for a couple of weeks. But on Realmud items like that will not be sold 24/7 sorry. Now on the azure platemail mention, the azure platemail armor is a drop on 4th island (demi-rare) from the boss monster Novert. You need to be at least level 120 to enter his dungeon and you will need group to kill him.

    Christmas is in a few months... who knows what that may bring!
  • 21 October 2013 11:15 in: Realmud
    Hey Lutallo. For account queries please contact and say you're from Realmud so he knows right away where to look, send him your old account name, character names and email on the forgotten account. If the account details match and it can be verified as YOUR account, then it can be returned easily.
  • 26 October 2013 10:09 in: Realmud
    Hey Amaterasu, as soon as the content side of is added we can have an area for a change log, where we can post any additions, modifications and work undergoing. The changes to rabbit ears and some others was posted on all the social media sites for Realmud. I just posted them on the forums here at: recent updates. The luck on rabbit ears and luck orb was lowered as the luck formula is a lot more effective than ever first anticipated, as it was only recently brought back in to the game (since 1.72). Over time items will be pretty much worthless value-wise if you hunt with a lot of boosted luck, so that is why they were lowered. Items will still drop better if you wear the ears than if not, just not so well as before. I'm very sorry you feel this way about it, I knew some would not like the change but it is for the best.
  • 26 October 2013 10:20 in: Realmud
    For the weapons post, with all the recent changes of T4C at the data center we were without the editing tools. As soon as we can we will research the things mentioned and get back to you. We've not forgotten about it so don't worry.
  • 26 October 2013 09:57 in: Realmud
    As posted on Realmud's social media sites, I'll also post here some of the recent modifications.

    1. Removed mention of the old knowledge base on VIP Key double-click message.
    2. Added new guild house.
    3. Decreased luck on rabbit ears and luck orb, as the luck formula is more effective than first anticipated.
    4. Moved auctioneer from Lighthaven temple to a vacant house near DarkFang, there are now 2 NPCS.
    5. Corrected some NPC typos (please report these to the staff if you see more).
    6. Added extra information to the arena descriptions, including min/max players, points to win and game time.

    I know many will not like the rabbit ear decrease, but things were dropping far easier than they should have. Leaving them as they were would make items pretty much worthless over time. They will still help you receive monster drops quicker than without wearing them, just not as over powered as before.

    (NOTE: please do not comment below, either begin a new thread or email me directly at with questions/concerns/opinions - so we only use this space for announcements. Thanks)
  • 27 October 2013 18:53 in: Realmud
    1. New stylist NPCs placed in a house outside LH Tavern, these will perform hair color changes and gender/sex changes for you.
    2. New companion master NPC placed in LH stables. He can help you to rename/switch companions.

    These used to be offered on the Realmud store but now will be performed via NPCs. All these NPCs will charge you game gold for their services instead.
  • 07 November 2013 14:56 in: Realmud
    Novert will now say who killed him upon death, so the group can see via his speech instead of turning off group split gold.
  • 30 October 2013 10:49 in: Realmud
    Hey Kevlar, when the offline mule transfer wizard was launched the storage chest enc capacity was raised a lot. It is unlikely to be raised any more as it is just under guild chest limit I'm told.It is also not possible to view the chest enc limit as a player at the present time, I'm unsure if T4CDEV may include that some day, possibly in the future, but then again they may not - but it's worth asking.
  • 30 October 2013 10:40 in: Realmud
    Hey Kevlar, which undroppable items are you referring? 
  • 06 November 2013 11:30 in: Realmud
    Hey zRogue, do you get an error message? Such as t4c.exe has stopped working, or no such user exists?

    There was a problem with the client that is now fixed for the t4c.exe error. If you're getting no such user then you will need to migrate your chars from your old RM accounts onto your new account, they can be found under GAME GUIDE > SYSTEM.

    If it is another problem, please email me at (emailing is better for quicker response time).
  • 07 November 2013 10:31 in: Realmud
    Hey Dark Angel, I do not see any payment action on XP orbs from you, or any purchase actions. You must not have completed the purchase for XP orbs when you tried.
  • 25 November 2013 11:32 in: Realmud
    Hey guys. Today I raised the character slots on Realmud to 5, so you all can store 2 more characters per account. Start building!
  • 28 November 2013 11:02 in: Realmud
    Thanksgiving event is now live! Be sure to read the post on news section under Realmud for valuable information on it.

    Enjoy and good luck!

    NOTE: PK/ROB is not permitted on event locations. Anyone caught will be removed from the event and jailed.
  • 28 November 2013 11:03 in: Realmud
    Greetings guys. Upon the Thanksgiving event upload, I have also modified Novert a bit. I've raised his drops slightly so he will drop better than he has done. I've also improved his spell effects to newer skins.

  • 28 November 2013 11:04 in: Realmud
    Hey all. I've also added Gem of Unstable Protection to be affected by the gem timer increase scroll on the store.

  • 01 December 2013 22:49 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, you can now purchase this option on the store. It works the same as the Extend Gem Timers Scroll. This enables you to extend some self-cast spells by 10 minutes.

    It will affect the following spells for now:

    - Detect Invisibility
    - Detect Hidden
    - True Sight
    - Tranquility
    - Clear Thought
    - Stone Skin

    More will probably get added over time, though only self-casting spells.
  • 03 January 2014 08:21 in: Realmud
    Hey Nikisftw please email me at and we'll try sort you out, let me know what error message you get exactly in the email.
  • 09 January 2014 08:58 in: Realmud
    Hey there Xanthor, welcome back to Realmud.

    VIP on Realmud gives you offer to a variety of things:

    * Access to the VIP islands (where greater xp is earned).
    * Access to +3 weapons vendor NPC.
    * Access to the auction house (where you can buy/sell items).
    * Use of miracle stone (occasionally it is turned on, when it is it can cast an array of boosting spells, though note it is meant as a treat and not 24/7).
    * Use of some store exclusives, such as the double xp orbs (these only work for vip members).
    * Another store exclusive for vip is the use of companions (in-game pets that follow you around - appearance only).

    The only way to mule items to other character is by using the in-game trade system, you can double-log and transfer to another char on the second account, or you could ask a staff member if they could hold an item for you to give to another character.

    It has been a long time since Dialsoft bought T4C (since 2006). I'll attach below the release information for version 1.71 and 1.72 for you to read as these are the latest releases:!

    The content side to is not live yet, though there are player sites that hold rm specific content you can visit such as: to get the information.

    If you have any questions on being back at RM, please feel free to email me anytime at

  • 11 January 2014 14:43 in: Realmud
    Hey Eminent, have you migrated characters from old rm accounts to your new account? Email me at as you'll get a much quicker response time.
  • 02 February 2014 23:32 in: Realmud
    Here are some recent changes, if you have any ideas - always feel free to email me them.

    Revised all 6 elemental bosses for 4th isle access.
    Added 15 NPCs to show off store wings graphics - you can find these in LH beggers corner.
    Modified keeper of justice to have same respawn time as evil twin (for 4x quest).
    Lowered holy gladiators damage slightly.
    Modified Brother Rune's spells to not be blocked by objects.
    Added protection effect to 185+ vip, to stop use of teleport scrolls cheat.
    Increased elven sight boost a bit.
    Added 'ball' effect to spell electric jolt, to show caster.
    Added full mana drain to ring of forester spell, to heal full health you forfeit full mana.To try negate the recent abuse of this item.
  • 03 February 2014 12:33 in: Realmud
    VIP is for VIP members only, as in the name. Players would take blank teleport scrolls and set them to 185+ and then not pay for VIP, meaning they got the access free. Now that won't happen.
  • 11 February 2014 03:34 in: Realmud
    Hey both, as of this morning the constant crashing should now be fixed. I uploaded a fix this morning and it seems to all be resolved. You can read my news post here about it. 
  • 28 March 2014 14:22 in: Realmud
    Prices for VIP is not in my control, I have no say in that anymore now with the multi-server site. You'd have to contact mouse for reasons for the prices.
  • 26 February 2014 07:24 in: Realmud
    Hey Karegan. When you notice server is down or goes down, please email me at and I'll get it looked at for a faster up-time.
  • 28 March 2014 14:24 in: Realmud
    Hey all, I'll be looking into this for you over the weekend.
  • 28 March 2014 14:27 in: Realmud
    Hey all, to let everyone know. The portals were removed to declutter houses a bit, you can leave guild houses by saying "send" to the portal master NPCs.
  • 28 March 2014 14:37 in: Realmud
    A new creature to drop a human foot was added to Arakas, so each of the 3 isles of AR, RD and SH now drop a foot.

    All locations:

    RD: Blaarg Toemangler inside Orc cave.
    RD2: Foot Dropper around the mountains near Zhakar's Tower.
    SH: Foot Dropper at northern coastline on SH that's north west from Dark Wanderer.

    and finally, AR: *hint* It's an Orc, a relation to Blaarg. Go find! (clue is in its race).
  • 29 March 2014 17:33 in: Realmud
    There has been quite a few events in the past with it as a prize offer, some have chosen other rewards when it was offered. The last event was some time ago but one will be soon I'm sure, it isn't offered too often as it was never intended to be like that. But as I said, I'm sure one is coming ;).

    P.s. You can also hunt the slot machine for a chance at receiving one, a slim chance but a chance nevertheless!

    *cough* The bunnies are watching!
  • 29 March 2014 17:58 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, as you know there are role play systems in the game where from participating you may earn interaction points (just like in arenas). But this system works differently, to release it I will need to bestow a few players with the ability to start/create role plays, and then the other players who participate will eventually be able to themselves by leveling-up their role play level. I've had one or two ask me to be selected but I thought I'd bring it here so everyone can learn the procedure. If you think you'd like to be one of the few to initially start a role play then please email me at and state why you'd like to be considered.

    You should know that when in a role play your character becomes unable to earn experience points, as your primary focus is to "role play". I know this may deter some of you from entering the role plays so please only serious applicants email me.

    Also note that if you have a history of rule breaking on Realmud your chances are slim at being selected.
  • 03 April 2014 22:45 in: Realmud
    Hey all, I'd like for you all to congratulate Sapphire for her promotion to Game Master. She has done a wonderful job as RMG and will do even better as a GM, she has truly earned it. So I'd like for you all to welcome Eirene GM!
  • 06 April 2014 19:48 in: Realmud
    Hey both, dark mages are currently being looked into. The point of Devil Anger was to release something different, a damage only spell as opposed to the standard drain HP dark spell. But as I've said, darks are being looked into - feel free to email me ideas at
  • 06 April 2014 19:43 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, see the following:

    * Reduced cast of "rock effect" on Granite Rain to hopefully deter some lag.
    * Replaced Devil Anger skin from black meteor to a lower graphic skin.
    * Increased Siphon's damage.

    Please get back to me with feedback for these at my email (
  • 06 April 2014 22:05 in: Realmud
    Note: These will be active when server resets, I didn't want to manually reset it tonight as the player numbers were high so didn't want to inconvenient you guys. If numbers are low when I'm on tomorrow and the server hasn't naturally reset I'll do it then.
  • 28 April 2014 18:49 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, as of tonight's restart... It is now possible to make your tablet teleport to the Ancient Land's stone circle (4th island). To continue with the way the Runed Stone Tablet works, you will have to locate Nexus Index's throughout the isle of Stoneheim.

    There is an NPC in Hermit Antonian's house you may speak to before or after, once you have collected all the Nexus's you should see him on completion of the quest.

    You will need Ancient Land access and AR, RD and SH RST access in order to set up AL teleport.

    Note: Locations for the new Nexus' and how many will not be supplied in the release, it will give you guys something to look for and help each other out.
  • 28 April 2014 18:56 in: Realmud
    Also as of tonight's reset an old NPC will be fixed and restored, the Duel Master. Some of you may recall this NPC from around 7 years ago. He was in Stoneheim temple garden and offered players a fair fight. Meaning, he will cast a spell on you and for the duration of this spell you will be unable to use healing potions, spell scrolls, spell orbs, forest gems and rings of the forester. He will issue you a clean duel.

    He will appear back in his place in SH temple garden.
  • 19 May 2014 13:03 in: Realmud
    These rings have been removed/deleted entirely until further notice.
  • 22 May 2014 19:14 in: Realmud
    They will be substituted with rings of faith, so add that in your site please Smett.
  • 27 May 2014 21:29 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, the following have changed today:

    * Modified the spell on Blade of the Ancient Phoenix (and guild model)
    - The spell effect will cast more than before.
    - I gave it a lower graphic with a % chance at meteor (similar to devil anger).

    * Add guild FEAR house

    * Add item Midnight Shroud to guild interaction points NPC

    * Modified the elemental quivers sold on 4th island
    - I've lowered the STR & AGI requirement to 95 / 395 (as a result the damage has been lowered to fit in).
    - Changed their spell effects to be more like 'elemental' skins.

    * Added NPCs to do the PVP Honor Token exchanges
    - Saves you guys waiting on staff.
    - Just simply double-click your token and it will teleport you to an area.
    (yes more PVP events are coming!)

    * Added scrolls to npc Fair Duel
    - So scroll boosts will be blocked too.

    In the Works:

    * I'm working on improving 4th island monsters, to make it a feasible area to level again (of course not as good as VIP)
    * I'm looking into the add-on paladin damage from weapon to weapon.

    As always, please report any feedback, issues or concerns to me on
  • 29 May 2014 18:43 in: Realmud
    Another thing I forgot to add:

    I've changed the pricing for sex/gender changes, hair dye and companion switching. They are all now a static price and are not based on player levels.
  • 09 June 2014 20:00 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, the following will change today after a reset:

    *****NOTE: The reset required will be a naked reset, you'll log back in at temples naked.*****

    Changed the lower damage on the 4 add-on Paladin weapons
    - Increasing the lower damage, to close the gap a bit from lower to higher.

    Increased the spell effect on Morfetus to do more damage
    - Added +5 earth resist to it, being an earthen weapon.

    Added a 'Welcome to Realmud' package for newly made characters
    - Package includes, 2 gold doubling orbs, 2 1x XP orbs, some starting gold and Miracle Stone.
    - To save new players from hunting down the NPCs.
    (Seraphs can still get the XP orbs and MS from the old NPCs).

    Added a Max Remort Level NPC
    - Meaning, when you reach Realmud's max remort (4x seraph) you'll receive a reward.
    - Different rewards for good and evil characters.
    - This NPC will be found in the seraph points chamber.
    (There will be an NPC in Lighthaven to reward pre-existing 4xs, this NPC will remain for 1 week only).

    Added a system message on Miracle Stone
    - To indicate it is turned off and explain how it works.
  • 30 June 2014 09:17 in: Realmud
    Miracle stone is an occasional treat for VIP players, it isn't on every day. When activated you just double-click the stone and it will provide spell boosts. On the VIP time, as soon as your current VIP plan expires you will be able to purchase it anew. The plans do not stack so you need the existing one to run out before acquiring another.
  • 02 July 2014 11:46 in: Realmud
    You can purchase either a 1x or 2x seraph, as many as you'd like. Though each account may only hold up to 5 characters at a time. The store seraphs come at level 1 in the seraph chamber and naked - meaning no items or jewelry.
  • 03 July 2014 10:20 in: Realmud
    When you purchase a store seraph you input the name you want for the character, you select the karma - good or evil and it will appear on the account of which you purchased it. It will log-in at the seraph chamber where you can set your seraph points to whatever you'd like.
  • 02 July 2014 14:18 in: Realmud
    Realmud welcomes Guardian RMG to the staff family. Be sure to say hello when you see him.

    Welcome to the chaos, Guardian!
  • 03 July 2014 10:16 in: Realmud
    Lets see, Alastor, Jay, Shini, Thea, Eirene and now Guardian. I count 6 myself. Faith is no longer with us either.
  • 03 July 2014 11:43 in: Realmud
    Hey all, just another announcement - same as my news post.

    The Double XP, half price seraphs and item packs are now LIVE! You'll find them on the SHOP.

    This will all end on Sunday 6th July, and can at any time so be sure to get what you want from the store by at least Saturday and make the most of the double XP period.

    Wishing you all a very happy 4th of July!
  • 03 July 2014 21:40 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, after a reset the following will be live.

    ADD Zero Tolerance guild house.
    ADD Fallen Knights guild house.

    ADD NPC to unfold the 4th isle mantles.
    -located on 4th island in a house.

    ADD message to Welcome to Realmud package.
     -To state RM quest links to aid new players.

    ADD Auctioneer NPCs to other towns.
     -SSK Castle, near banker.
     -SC Potion shop.
     -AL house, left of temple.
    (come on guys, use this system... sensibly!).
  • 05 July 2014 09:15 in: Realmud
    If your keys have been removed then your VIP time must have ran out, look under MY ACCOUNT to see.
  • 13 July 2014 08:22 in: Realmud
    Hey, there are a lot of weapons for warriors, archers and all other classes. It would be wise to read them up on, alternatively you can see Realmud only weapons on
  • 15 July 2014 08:50 in: Realmud
    Players used to input items at very high prices on the auction house, and this discouraged people from using it. I'll think about removing the VIP requirement.
  • 15 July 2014 17:01 in: Realmud
    Sadly it is not possible to add in 'fixed price ranges' into the AH, nor controlling what items are in it and specific rules for these.
  • 15 July 2014 08:54 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, I've just added a new package on the store... Time Beyond!

    This will enable you to purchase both the CS Gem Timers increase and Spell Timers increase together, at a cheaper price than if you paid for both individually.

  • 26 July 2014 15:52 in: Realmud

    ADD NPC Cousin UndyedAlot
     -To undye capes back to original skins.
     -Located with Cousin DyesAlot.

    ADD Radiance Spell
     -Wis Mage spell, group blesssing effect.
     -Weaker than normal bless spell, also gives light radiance.
     -Bless and Radiance doesn't stack, one dispels the other.
     -Lv. 117, 82 int, 161wis, 39 skillpoints, need bless and mass healing.
     -Teacher in 4th isle temple.

    MOD 185+ Evil Follower (skeletons)
     -Lowered light resist a bit.

    MOD The Eye of Death
    -Increased drops, slightly.

    MOD: Auction House
    -Removed VIP requirement for guilds.
    -To try encourage more use and another benefit for guild houses.

    MOD Guild House Key
    -Increased area pull for guild scrolls.
    -Before it mostly took 1 player.
    -Now it should accommodate at least 2-3.

    ADD QuestBook Quests
    -12 quests added for new player / low levels.
    -9 are completely new low level quests.
    -You'll find the NPCs scattered around LH.

    MOD 4th Island (Ancient Land)
    -Monsters similar to old settings
    -Much tougher compared to how they have been recently.
    -Increased drop rates.
    -Pestilence priests is still primary leveling spot (get air resist pots!).

    MOD/ADD Draconian Priest
    -Allows player to now summon 4 elemental dragons instead of just air.
    -One summon at a time.
    -A reward system for this is being conceived.

    MOD Spells
    -Restoration, reduced healing.
    -Healing Wave, reduced healing (caster gets less heal than grouped players).
    -Rupture, reduced damage.
    -Earth Explosion, reduced damage.
    -As they were all too much.
  • 30 July 2014 09:40 in: Realmud
    First off, welcome back! The new quests that had those issues are now fixed (pending a server reset). Thanks for the report on those.

    Check the post on news and you'll see an updated area at the bottom pertaining the rules and equipment allowed on the human PVP event.

    The cost of VIP and the reasoning behind it is Mouse & Marc only, they determine the pricing now and not the HGMs like on the old sites.

    On the matter of server specifics, we had a full knowledge base on the old and since launched (about 8 months ago) it has taken time to add content to the site, the quest info was added a couple weeks ago. There were issues with adding content I believe at first, and despite my asking, I'm not the one dedicated to adding content to the game guide section. More will get added soon I'm told.

    2 player-made sites are and
    If these sites are missing any details, contact them and they will definitely add it in.
  • 06 August 2014 09:57 in: Realmud
    Hey Mambo. Welcome back! To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, you can find storage chests throughout the game, there are 3 within Lighthaven (the starting city), one can be found in the bank, one in the tavern and one in the apple field near the stables.

    2. If you walk to Windhowl you can purchase Scrolls of Lighthaven and Scrolls of Windhowl, when using these they will teleport you to the cities so it's always handy to carry a few.

    3. The optimum area to level/xp is in VIP islands, there you receive a far greater leveling experience than if you were to hunt monsters normally. Though it is still doable if you decide not to pay for VIP. Fallens for example on Arakas are a good place to level if you do not have VIP. But you should know, VIP on Arakas is free until level 21. (Plus you have the 15 day trial located under MY ACCOUNT).

    4. Being VIP grants various features, access to VIP islands as I've just mentioned, Miracle Stone for occasional spell ups (when activated by a HGM), the ability to buy +3 weapons from a vendor located at Orkanis Castle, store exclusives such as Double XP orbs and the use of Companions (pets), and access to the Auction House (though if you're in a guild the AH is free for you).

    I hope these have answered your questions, if you have any others please feel free to email me on

    And thank you Smetty for working on a tutorial!
  • 06 August 2014 22:03 in: Realmud
    We're here to help.

    You just simply click on a storage chest and a window will pop up for you to store your items, and don't worry it is entirely safe, only your items will be displayed in your chest.

    You need to select your path, good or evil. Then undertake their quests, you should read up on them a lot first before you commit to a path.

    On the shop seraphs, they come as level 1, and you will need to do all quests on them. Each time you rebirth you will need to redo all quests as they do not save, as essentially you are starting a 'new life' as an X seraph.

    Feel free to ask any questions anytime.
  • 06 August 2014 22:11 in: Realmud
    Hello all, I bring to you a suggestion box where players can submit any ideas they may have.

    Please visit the link: T4C Realmud Suggestions

    I look forward to hearing your ideas.
  • 11 August 2014 15:04 in: Realmud
    I'm glad it was sorted. In the future if you have any issues, please email me or Mouse directly and we can solve it much quicker.

    Welcome back!
  • 22 September 2014 15:07 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, you'll notice a few changes to maps today when you log-in and patch.

    -The cities of LH, WH, SSK and SC were updated a bit (more so in LH). Trees were removed to thin them out a bit.

    -Trees thinned west of RD RST so the path/road to Zhakar's mountain range is now viewable.

    -Trees thinned elsewhere such as AR Druids, AR south bridge and some other places, If you feel other areas could do with thinning then please email me.

    -Added Stonehenges to some of SH Nexus Index's.

    -Added dead dragon skin to Platinum Dragon cave for effect.

    -Updated Vargus temple walls.

    -Fixed black squares at Sir Mordenthal's castle.

    -Some guild houses now have better decor if they were lacking.

    -Created a guild island, it'll be the primary prize for guild PVP events - coming soon.

    -Also on guilds, anyone may use the portal master now by purchasing a GUILD Portal Token from the merchant within the guild houses. These tokens have enc so theyr'e not designed to stack up on lots.

    -I've fixed an issue reported to me with teleporting to Synndor from the wizard.

    -I've given a name to the foot dropper.

    -I've also fixed a bug on cousin undyedalot on undying capes.

    -You'll also notice the Olin Haad Guards have an updated look also.
  • 28 September 2014 21:30 in: Realmud
    Hello Tygg. From being a VIP member you obtain the following:
    1. VIP Islands (greater XP).
    2. Miracle Stone (occasional spell ups).
    3. NPC +3 Weapons (greater damage).
    4. Store Items (VIP Exclusives).
    5. Use of Companions (pets).
    6. Auction House (buy/sell items).

    On the hangover, for every 2 hours spent inside a VIP island you have to cool-down for an hour, it allows you to have time outside of VIP so you can experience other aspects of the game, questing for example. VIPs weren't always open 24/7 as they are now, so when they were made accessible at any time of the day, a hangover was introduced.

    I hope these help :).
  • 05 October 2014 22:01 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, Rockslide had an error that will be fixed now after a reset. An old dev didn't add in the area damage effect so that's now added and working correctly.

    There were also some very old VIP checks on some items (most notably BM weapons), which are removed now so the same damage will be issued for non VIP and VIP players.
  • 06 October 2014 09:58 in: Realmud
    A long time ago (before I was GM) there were VIP checks on 4th isle items, so if you were a VIP player you'd do additional damage than non VIP players, most were removed over time but a few BM weapons still had this setup. I found them over the weekend and removed them, unsure why previous devs didn't...The damage was around 15-23 per hit and dependent on what weapon.
  • 08 October 2014 14:50 in: Realmud
    They were on the final 2 XP and final 2 PK weapons for ALL battlemages (fire, water and air).
  • 23 October 2014 13:48 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, just a little warning that the next time the server resets or crashes you'll be sent to temples naked with no boosts.

    Also, the following will be live:

    - GoC moved to a 2 tier house.
    - Prices of guild interaction regent modified.
    - Added NPC Anguin to LH Tavern, he'll give a couple other items for interaction points (more to be added soon).
    - Lowered light res on 185+ Skeletons.
  • 03 November 2014 21:05 in: Realmud
    Hey asdf. It was my pleasure to be on during Halloween (I love it!). Plus I do enjoy doing things for RM's players. On the GMs activity, I'm discussing it with them to find out what's up and to sort solutions, life does tend to get a grip on you at times, I know myself from experience, though staff is an internal affair and I will resolve it, whether that be motivation or replacement where/if needed. I hope you and others enjoyed the events/activities I set. Stay tuned as I'll be posting more event happenings very soon!
  • 03 November 2014 21:47 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, upon the next reset/crash the following bows will have their damage changed:

    Imbuyan Composite Bow:
    293 - 363

    Mahogany Composite Bow:
    331 - 430

    Ipe Composite Bow:
    350 - 463

    Please let me know your thoughts at
  • 18 November 2014 10:09 in: Realmud
    Hey Shane, things are in the works to rejuvenate Realmud, so that will kick-start the server in a way... hopefully. Thanks for the ideas/suggestions you submitted yesterday. On staff, I'm on every day at different times and if needed players can email me (as Shini said) and I can come on and assist with anything, or if I'm out I can remotely access my PC and pop on. On player numbers, If you look at them throughout the entire day you will see Realmud is more active in the day time at the present and Saga numbers are higher at night and most commonly the numbers are very similar at prime times, so it does even out so-to-speak.

    Things are in the works as I've said, so have some faith because we are dedicated to Realmud and her players.
  • 18 November 2014 19:08 in: Realmud
    Only yours I'm afraid ;).
  • 20 November 2014 12:20 in: Realmud
    Thanks Thomas, I'm very excited about the project and can't wait for players to see it when it's ready!
  • 20 November 2014 12:18 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, I'd like for you all to welcome Orion to the staff family. Be sure to greet him when you see him on.

    And I'd like to display the current staff listing:

    Alastor HGM
    Jay HGM (on leave)
    Shinigami GM
    Eirene GM
    Orion GM
  • 24 November 2014 12:55 in: Realmud
    Hello Tyler. As I've been saying to you and all the players, there is a major project in the works coming soon at Realmud. These take time and isn't a simple "flip the light-switch" type of work. A lot of changes will come and improvements for the betterment of the server. On the trees, the tree graphics currently are new, they were converted from their old graphics about a year ago now (yes there are other skins also and they will be used here and there). On professions they're coming, on role plays - I've pushed players to use the system numerous times and it has not been liked, it isn't for everybody. Now if I met a player who wishes to make use of the system and wants to try encourage other players, I will of course help them out to get the ball-rolling. The quest book system has been introduced as well and more will be added very soon, click the icon to see the start of it. New skins for items, monsters, etc are also in my project so they'll be used for better character customizations. On server staff, Orion is here now replacing Thea and is far more active and will continue to be so, as well as other staff changes. On events, we've held a few over the past few weeks/months (refer to news), the next scheduled one is in 3 days time (Thanksgiving). The GMs will also be holding more very soon, I know Shini will be holding a lot during December that he's working on.

    So have patience as a major update is in the works and it'll be soon, more on this as time progresses.
  • 06 January 2015 11:58 in: Realmud
    Hey guys, I'd like for you to welcome Darkness to the fold!

    Current Staff Listing:

    Alastor HGM
    Shinigami GM
    Orion GM
    Darkness RMG
  • 06 January 2015 11:59 in: Realmud
    Hey all. As of now the VIP requirement on XP orbs have been removed, so even the non VIP players can make use of them. Enjoy.

  • 10 September 2013 11:07 in: Trilogy
    Hey Raynor. Try this for me quickly: go to your desktop and right click your t4c icon and select OPE FILE LOCATION, and a folder will open. Open the file called iplist and be sure it has the following IPs listed:

    If any of these for the server you're trying to enter is different than stated here, edit the file and click save. Then try and log-in.

    Alternatively you can also download the fix here:
  • 01 September 2013 09:40 in: Help
    Hello guys, are people still having difficulty logging on to servers? Be sure your iplist file has the correct IPs. Right click your T4C desktop icon and click OPEN FILE LOCATION, then find iplist and open it. Be sure it has the following:

    If one or all IPs are listed differently than the above, then copy and paste this list over (to replace what it currently has), then save the notepad file and attempt to log-in once again.
  • 27 August 2013 14:56 in: Help
    I'm helping him through this to let others aware it's being handled :).
  • 21 September 2013 09:27 in: Help
    Hello both. Be sure you select Realmud in the T4C client, if you're still not getting in. Have a look at the iplist file. You can right click the T4C desktop icon and click OPEN FILE LOCATION or find it manually at MY COMPUTER > C DRIVE > PROGRAM FILES X86 > T4C REALMUD 1.71 or The 4th Coming (depending what installation you had).

    Open the iplist file and be sure Realmud's IP is:

    If it is different, then replace the above with whatever is there.

    Alternatively you can download the fix here:

    Hope it helps.

    Also note: It would be better to email these problems to me for a more timely solution.
  • 01 October 2013 02:41 in: Help
    Hey guys. Be sure you're selecting the server you wish to enter and then have a look at your iplist file. You can find it by right-clicking your desktop icon and selecting OPEN FILE LOCATION, open up iplist and be sure it lists the following addresses:

    If these are different in your file, please copy and paste this over and save the notepad file. Alternatively you can locate the fix here:

    Hope it helps.
  • 25 October 2013 07:21 in: Help
    I know we discussed this in game a bit the other day, did you manage to resolve it? if not email me at alastor@t4c.comand we'll try something else.
  • 25 October 2013 07:22 in: Help
    Hey taketian, you can try right clicking your desktop icon and select OPEN FILE LOCATION, then open the folder named _redist and run that program inside as "repair" mode. It may help you on this instance.
  • 26 October 2013 09:44 in: Help
    Hey stranierifi90, you will need to email and ask him this question, send him your account name if you know them, emails that may be linked to said accounts and your full name. Good luck retrieving any old accounts :).