The 4th Coming


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  • 28 November 2013 13:41 in: Help
    I'm on windows 7, and I have downloaded the game on this site.Install OK (2 times), but patching stay on the first file, with 0 bytes of 445,18 MB.
    I'm trying to play on Neerya.I tried old stuff like using Abomination only for patchs but it's the same thing.Patching is trying to connect to .
    Can you help me please ?
  • 28 November 2013 14:19 in: Help
    So... I've reinstall in C:The4ThComing, and now it's downloading. 22MB done in 30 minutes..... Maybe I'll be able to play tomorrow, it's slow isn't it ?
  • 28 November 2013 16:26 in: Help
    174MB of 445, after more than 3 hours. Are the servers always slow like that ?Sad world ;)