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  • 09 October 2013 08:19 in: Abomination
    Just curious if there is a date for when the x1 x2 shop will be released?
    Last thing i read was that the date wasent set yet but that was a few weeks ago.

    Anyone got some inside information? :)
  • 18 October 2013 04:17 in: Abomination
    Im also very curious about when they release x2, would be nice to know a few days/a week before so ur able to plan and fix payment etc. was hoping for this weekend but quess its to early, just cant wait for it ^^
  • 24 October 2013 04:34 in: Abomination
    Have a date been set yet? its been 2 weeks since x1 was released and there is already, at this moment, 47 x2 seraphs and 25 of them is 100+. Think its really about time. If u still wait for the x2 launch, just reply here so we know more about why its not released and when u plan to release it.

  • 30 October 2013 18:37 in: Abomination
    Feels like they have abandoned their own fourm due to the lack of response.. 

    Not sure if they even log on to this site and read our posts..
  • 31 October 2013 08:57 in: Abomination
    Will u manage to fix those things so we buy em this weekend?
  • 04 November 2013 17:24 in: Abomination
    Think it sux that u announce it on a diffrent forum than on the server itself....
    Might get here soon but this should be the first Forum!

    AND 70 USD? WTF it isnt GTA VII

    To be honest, i think u will kill t4c with this nonsense.
  • 05 November 2013 04:13 in: Abomination
    Just noticed that a x3 char on realmud costs 34 usd, why do u guys have to be x2 as expensive to provide the same service?
    Realmud is a dead server I know but its still included in this "" so be fair now and give it a fair price.Coz 70 USD is not..
  • 16 December 2013 04:20 in: Abomination
    Give me your e-mail and i can send u a map, its not good looking but it will atleast give u the new spawn locations.