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  • 20 November 2013 04:50 in: Abomination
    Hello, why this server is most expensive of all of them..  Its almost x2 prices,  Nerya - x3 remorts char - 3500 Credits,4Th saga - x3 remorts char - 3500 CreditsHavoc -  x3 remorts char - 3500 CreditsRealmud - x3 remorts char - 3400 CreditsAbomination x2 remorts char - 7000 Credits  I think its players and servers discrimination at least it should be make equals rights for servers, especially because its new one and rewarped x3. With equal prices you will increase your sales and server population.  Why i am asking because we are all guild who would be ready to buy x5 - x6 chars and back to the game but now when seen all the prices and diferences between the prices and servers its realy confusing. Waiting 4 server staff answerBest Regards Disturbia F4K  
  • 10 December 2013 12:33 in: Abomination
    Dear Mouse,

    when is it possible to expect that server will be fixed and will work properly. Server still crash'es and after each crash need to wait 10-20 min to log in after half hour it crashes again. Players are paying huge money for server and problem still persist please coul You keep us up to date what is hapening. And when players could expect to play without any threats.