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  • 07 November 2014 06:12 in: Realmud
    i have to agree with Amaterasu,
    allthough you have increased the damage, when you look at the difference from titanium blade - titanium scimitar +3 the difference between the upgrades are huge, when you look at the difference to mahogany bow - ipe bow its minimal. perhaps a re-think is needed ?
    Titanium blade 662 str reqTitanium Scimitar +3 748 ster req
    difference in levels = 18
    Mahog bow 152 str, 662 agiipe bow 167 str, 735 agi 
    difference in levels = 18
    Titanium Blade - 305-465Titanium Scimitar +3 - 394-615
    Mahog bow - 331-430ipe bow - 300-463
    i would like to highlight the damage shown on the bows is the revised damage. but what you have done is overlapped the damage so to speak but with the tb and ts3 it is a clear upgrade in damage and not just over lapping each other
  • 28 May 2015 13:27 in: Realmud
    Happy Birthday... old man :P
  • 08 October 2015 13:23 in: Realmud
    Personally i think this is a terrible idea due to random pk's and there are a lot of players within the game that cannot defend themselves whether this is because they don't know how, the pker using moon gems, or just being a complete ass that is a stupid amount of lvl's higher and probably an x4 remort player and the victim just being human... who benefits from that ??? no one does.... just the victim losing all their XP that could have taken them days/weeks to gain because they may not have VIP.... like i said this is a very bad idea in my opinion