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  • 16 August 2013 10:10 in: 4th Saga
    I hope the prices on the Web Shop go down, cause  the T4C gold prices listed are nuts! $100 for 10k T4C Gold? Damn...
  • 21 August 2013 01:02 in: 4th Saga
    So for some reason my T4C Gold post just goes to a different post on these forums about T4C Gold. Is it cause they have the same titles? 
  • 26 December 2013 03:02 in: 4th Saga
    Whatever happened to our old WSG? Was it ever transferred?
  • 26 December 2013 21:41 in: 4th Saga
    Well ain't that nice..... When can I expect to get my money back? Hmmmmmm....
  • 23 February 2014 11:23 in: 4th Saga
    Am I the only one that finds just paying gold to seraph a little lazy and boring? Why not make it a a quest or create a boss that drops a certain item that you need in order to seraph. You could have 2 different bosses, one for good seraphs and one for evil. Have them be located in 2 different and very remote areas that take a while to reach.
    Just make it interesting please. Also because of the crafting system, people have spent a lot of gold on that. So some supplies might be running low? I'm actually ok on gold, but what about people who have upwards of 3 characters, that gold adds up big time.
    Just my 2 cents