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  • 01 February 2019 19:55 in: General
    Parry is the best defensive stat in the game works both pve and pvp.
    Armor pen is Pve / Pvp.
    Stub blow prevents actions so movement - attacks also Pve / Pvp
    Skills only improve the more skill points in them. Stats do nothing that I know of, to effect these skills
  • 01 September 2013 21:40 in: Realmud
    ummm 185+ vip is better xp then skeles before patch, With patch I was pulling 6b/hr easy, and he fixed group play so the spawner gets the same xp as the mage. The only problem is lack of people.
  • 28 October 2013 21:16 in: Realmud
    just want to know why VIP has not been lowered yet. Realmud is the only server of the 5 remaining that I have a use for vip, yet price was raised because it includes all 5 now. please fix this soon my vip is coming up soon and 200$( I have 2 accounts) for vip is just not worth it. I don't want to pay for servers that I don't play on.
  • 25 November 2013 17:10 in: Realmud
    Wow great idea keep up the changes.
  • 27 November 2013 06:26 in: Realmud
    There has been talk that this guy is getting looked into. Any information you can share yet?
  • 16 April 2014 20:59 in: Realmud
    light mages are strong. That's why I made one, my restoration heals for 900 and healing wave 1850 I laugh at all damage but TS. I can 1v1 any dps class but warior with TS. 1v2 mages but if fever is applied I get rocked against anything 1v2. 
    TB should have never been changed I agree. I also think that my light mage should be able to out heal everything 1v1. 
  • 09 November 2014 16:40 in: Realmud

    i thought it's 5 str per point of damage and 11 agil per point of damage regardless of melee or range weapon
  • 19 November 2014 01:21 in: Realmud
    Ooooo plans, I like plans. Any hints for us patiently waiting for the next dbl xp weekend?
  • 18 February 2015 21:40 in: Realmud
    Why would you change this back? I thought the monsters were made stronger/more difficult to justify a increase in drop rate and xp. I think the dev caligan I think his name was, made them weak like this and was hated for killing the only viable option for free to play players to level.
  • 17 November 2016 14:35 in: Realmud
    original earthgnome or fatal who bought the toon? I knew both and either would be a tragic loss. rest in piece friend.
  • 28 January 2019 21:42 in: Realmud
    critical strike is pretty massive, all buffs have a chance of stacking. so if you get a Crit/PB/AP thats gonna be pretty big damage.
    primal scream looks interesting for dual room pulling in vip. Outside of that I dont see it worth stacking it to 100.
    Immobilization looks powerful for archer but a waste of points for warriors. people with still learn entangle for the reduced dodge. 
    Resurrect depends on whats the 100 scaling will do. Will training it to 100a. increase the chance of a resurrectionb. increase the amount of health a player has when brought back.if (a) its a dead spell never to be learn, if b its 100% worth to put 1 point in
    Power conjuring is 100% worth
    Plunder gonna wait and see
    Hp, mp and Xp change is good for the game overall
    New level cap is weird why not 300 
    Really concerned about the new armors, items and spells. Toons that are 220+ optimized for their builds needing levels and to get new gear, spells and skills.

    All in all it looks really interesting.