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  • 09 January 2017 09:21 in: Realmud
    I had 5 VIP Accounts in Realmud but stopped with all. The same old problems never change:1) Where are the fixes for Paladin and Battle Mage Weapons? Cant you see that the server is full of Warriors and Archers?2) Gem of Moons without limit its a joke. We have players with 150+ Moons. You can put a Rusted Dirk on a Mage and it can beat anybody. You have to limit the use (Max: 25 gems per char for example).3) Double XP events are good, but people only log for XP and then get out. You have to make events that keep people playing. Where are PvP events?4) VIP XP is BORING. All the maps looks like deserts, cause people are just inside VIPs Xping. We want the real T4C back. People fighting for XP spots on islands.5) I've reported more than 5 times for HGM and DGMs a bug that DUAL WIELD SKILL dont work with PvP Weapons of BattleMages. Nothing was done to fix it in more than a year.
    If you want players back you have to do something diferente. Hear the players!Just for your info: We have a huge active group playing at Abomination Server at this moment while waiting for Realmud updates.
    Regards,Caio (Armani)
  • 16 June 2019 15:24 in: Realmud
    Come on staff, it has been passed 4 months since you've posted about a major update on Realmud and what we got until now: - An useless island (useless quests, poor drops and no PvP)- Useless new skills, since they depend on new equipments- We've lost soooo many players that already stopped playing because they are tired of waiting for real updates
    Its easy! Simple things you need to do:- RELEASE NEW ITEMS/EQUIPMENTS- Create new XP spots OUTSIDE VIP AREAS, around the new 4th isle- Create new bosses with good rewards (XP, Rare Items, etc) - This makes server much more dynamic. Guilds will organize groups and fight each other to kill bosses.