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  • 27 July 2013 15:32 in: Help
    Yes Marc, I cannot log in / patch either. [Abomination server]
  • 27 July 2013 15:24 in: Abomination
    Hey guys, 
    Just downloaded and installed, launched game, logged in and attempted patching but says it cannot connect to Abominations server. Checked t4cbible for anything regarding this and found a discussion from 7hours ago regarding server down time/ this an ongoing problem or has it been resolved? 
    I need to get online and pound Olin haad for all he's worth!
  • 27 July 2013 15:44 in: Abomination
    Never mind, seems to be working now
  • 27 July 2013 15:58 in: Abomination
    Hmmm just made a character and server appears to have gone down again :/
  • 29 July 2013 05:48 in: Abomination
    Ah so its old 1.25 items only? None of the revised spells such a late-game mental air spell?

  • 05 August 2013 17:42 in: Abomination
    A shame that this fell through. At the initial launch it looked like there was 40-50 people interested, barely enough to make a community - though enough to make people want to return. Now 2 weeks on we've no date set in stone, not much in the way of communication - just a load of promises. How very t4c. 

    Rule #1: Don't set a time/date if you aren't 150% certain you can hit it. Rule #2: Don't miss a date, then set another, which you also miss. 

    Seems a large chunk of people are frustrated, and going elsewhere to spend their free time. Guess I'm going with, no fun playing on a server of 10 players - IF the server ever goes up. 
    Goodluck, seems you guys need it.