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  • 31 May 2017 19:04 in: Help
    Just boght my 2x seraph with oracle access (yeah i'm old and dont have time to seraph 2x a char)
    Now i cant log him in!!!
    I open t4c, the char is there... lvl 1 looking pretty, when I click to log in the loading screen stays forever on.
    My other char human lvl 74 logs in with no problem...
    Different accounts tho.

    can anyone help me?
    Thx a lot
  • 31 May 2017 19:13 in: Help
    I cant log the Char in!
    made a new char in the same account only to see if I could log in with it and yep... all working.
    my char has a bug and i need help!
    Staff help please!
    Kind Regards,