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  • 06 April 2017 15:32 in: Abomination
    Reason that Im selling is because I cant play anymore because of work... contact me at
    Buyer gets a free human archer lvl 93 (on another account)
    Stats and items:
    Level: 138Strength: 109Endurance: 65Agility: 445Wisdom: 102Intelligence: 114Remorts: 2Stats: 0 / Skillpoints 15Gold: 681767 (Bank: 3000000)
    Attack: 15Dodge: 801Archery: 550Armor Penetration: 100Hide: 100Power Blow: 100Stun Blow: 100
    Air Power: 100Air Resist: 100Dark Power: 100Dark Resist: 100Earth Power: 100Earth Resist: 160Fire Power: 100Fire Resist: 100Light Power: 100Water Power: 100Water Resist: 100
    Armband of Vigor Backstabber Gauntlet Cloak of the Skull Cord of treachery Drachenhelm Ethereal amulet Lancewood composite bow 3 Magical Cape Magical Leggings Quiver of Stability Reins Skin Boots Ring of the berserker Ring of the lion Ring of the Seraph
    Barrier Bless Dispel Earthen Strength Entangle Invisibility Major Combat Sense Mana ShieldM inor Combat Sense Nimbleness Plague Protection Resist Fire Stone Shard Stone Skin Sunken Woods Gateway True Sight Word of Recall