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  • 10 April 2018 09:24 in: General
    If you cant access this forum on your phone, then  i would get a better Phone. My windows Phone does Just fine. As for discord, My guild uses it and Most People i Know use it with out a need to use T4c's permission. i have been to the t4c facebook and has just about everything you need to find. i realize times have changed and people now days are not used to doing things themselves, but i have been playing on and off since its inception and i have no issue with any of what you have posted. so why be so serous?????????????  
  • 11 April 2018 00:29 in: General
    so you seem to say you are tech savy??? if you are tech savy, then you would know there is a little button to click on your phone that says desktop version. if you are a vet like you say, then you know all the write ups were on T4C bible as well as the wiki which were done by players for players there already is an  unofficial discord for T4C started by players as well. even Bro Smetty has a T4C web page to help out players the draw of this game is to figure out how to play as well as level up. If you feel that strongly about a write up then show some initiative do a write up. as for the facebook page that is how I was notified about the patch notes getting ready to take effect on the next update! you must have been on the wrong facebook page. as you are putting your opinions on this forum, don't you dare accuse me of not caring because I put my opinions on here as well I don't believe that dialsoft nor myself for that matter can control the internet during a thunderstorm. for I applaud your loyalty to this game I wonder if there is more you could do in game. when I started it was players that helped me there were no write ups. I do like your passion and I hope you stay here for a long time instead of being serious try being real. if you really want to make a difference then make a page with the write ups you wish to have on there promote it submit it to dialsoft and just maybe the staff would people know that your write ups are out there but personally if you are going to go back in time then you should do it like they did then once again this is just  an opinion from an "Old Vet" I wish you luck in finger dexterity I done with this post as I have better things to do in game Peace Out and if you didn't know I am RUE