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  • 21 August 2013 17:03 in: General
    Been here for a few days, i must say while i enjoy the quest line and the few cool ppl that ive met, with the constant server crashes and lag that occurs every 15mins .. is not worth $100.. however, i am giving the rest of the 15days free trial thing a shot and hope the problem is resolved... or else.. nice meeting u RM!
  • 01 September 2013 12:58 in: General
    Not sure if this is where i do this but:

    Selling/Trading 4x in Chambers for full titan or divine.. or selling it =p Contact me here =p
  • 21 August 2013 16:55 in: Realmud
    FF14 is already is beta and its awesome and the prices and lower.. and no server crashes i might add.. 
  • 19 September 2013 15:58 in: Realmud
    all gems:rejuv,replenish, immo,belt, flames,vita.. and 2-45mins xp orbs! reply here or in game.. any toons in game with the word "Blood" in it =D

  • 16 June 2014 12:37 in: Realmud
    215 Titan Fire BM {Hell Sentence, Feather-er Titan/Armor and pvp gear - heros, glad, etc}
    175 Divine Pally (Morfetus- cast boulders on hit, Full Divine Armor, Light and Earth Mantle)
    1 x Fire Mage ( WITH COMM)
    Set of Deft
    Glowing Orb

    Interested? email

  • 01 November 2014 06:39 in: Realmud
    Is this toon still available? 
  • 02 November 2014 06:47 in: Realmud
    Let me know if still aval. im always in game. 
  • 02 November 2014 12:36 in: Realmud
    Naked Fool, i am on now.