The 4th Coming


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  • 26 December 2017 18:06 in: Realmud
    Every event its the same thing.. server crash and tw several times... halloween event was the same
  • 06 May 2019 10:22 in: Realmud
    Hi begin i want to thank realmud staff for the job, it was the biggest update we had in realmud in years and it makes me happy to see that staff are working hard and making cool things:)
    i played for a few minutes and this is what i think so far:
    - its impossible to low level to survive, and its hard to high levels.
    - the island is too big, the tp points make things easy and its a great idea, maybe we can have more.
    -we should have a map and hints of the quests that are available with the npcs (whats the rewards? it worth the efforts?)
    -theres alot of poison and traps from mobs and from the map, it makes me mad, almost every moster cast a poison, takes all my spells etc,.... this is fun in the begin but make me tired fast.
    - nice new mosters ans bosses, new challenges keep the game alive, its cool to hunt for new things
    thats all for now..thanks all the staff members again.
  • 17 June 2019 09:20 in: Realmud
    I agree what ppl said..Staff made a great job on the new island but its useless, the rewards on quests are worst to CS quest, and we are lvl 200+ players doing this, so dont loose ur time doing.. the island is too big for the current number of online players, monsters are overpowered and give no xp.... No bosses to kill. So... until now we have nothing to do in this island, theres no challenge.and i agree with the vip island thing too... would be fun if we could xp outside vip exploring different places, moster and bosses to xp, not running in circles in an infinite loop.and of course we all are waiting for new content  like armors spells weapons etc