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  • 23 August 2015 18:51 in: Help

    I tried to disable AVG antivirus and setting the compatibility mode for Windows 7, but still doesn't work. Any suggestion?Thanks!
    Hi! Here a Windows 10 user that can't start the game, because when I introduce my ID and password, then it upload and everything's fine, but it gets stuck on the "wait while game loads" and the points that appear and disappear screen (loading game screen, I guess).

  • 23 August 2015 19:01 in: Help
    My last message was unclear. I don't know what happens but I can delete it. Here I come again. I'm a Windows 10 user that uses compatibility for Windows 7 for the game. When I update the game, after introducing my ID and password, it gets stuck on the "please wait while loading" screen. I tried to disable AVG antivirus but still the same. I tried to set the game on compatibility mode for Windows 8 and still the same. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • 26 August 2015 23:45 in: Help
    Thanks! All drivers were updated, but that was not the solution. Windowed mode worked :)