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  • 06 August 2015 23:13 in: Realmud
    Hi there,
    A couple of things first. 
    1) It's best to post things like this in their own thread so that you can be sure that they get attention as I rarely go back and check posts that I make regarding updates and the like
    2) Any time you're having an issue, to ensure a prompt and detailed response, it's best to submit a support ticket at

    As for your graphical lag since upgrading to Windows 10, there are several things that could be causing that. There are no inherent issues with T4C + Windows 10 that would cause lag as I have personally tested running 7 T4C client windows, Firefox, Chrome, Remote Desktop, and a few other things all at once and experienced no lag on T4C whatsoever. It's possible that Windows 10 puts a bit more strain on your system that your previous OS did. Have you checked the minimum requirements for Windows 10 versus the "Recommended" requirements and compared those to your own system? If you are closer to the minimum requirements, that simply means that Windows 10 will run, not necessarily that it will run well. ;)

    I would need much more information about your system before I could give any valuable help regarding your T4C experience, much more information than I would feel comfortable discussing on a public forum. I would recommend submitting a support ticket and we can investigate your issue further. 

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  • 02 August 2015 05:14 in: Help
    I´m having problem with 2 toons, they are lagging, with graphical lag, mouse lag, everything, but when i switch accounts, with another account, the toons don´t lag 0.o can someone help me? I´ve already deleted and reinstaled t4c and didn´t work, i chose to open as an administrator, and i chose to have the compatible with win xp, etc... and nothing worked, it happend after i update my win to win10 -.- halp me shini plx