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  • 14 August 2013 11:56 in: Realmud
    hello, i'm trying to log on in realmuds website and it sends me to this new feature... portal thing. been reading all the info to get back ingame but its not recognizing my accounts info. following all the steps the "portal" telling me to. PLEASE FIX MY PROBLEM ASAP 
  • 25 August 2013 12:44 in: Realmud
    ninja plz... long time no see you
  • 25 August 2013 13:10 in: Realmud
    Hello realmuders,wanna apologize if i use foul lang here.
    I'm here to let everyone know that this new feature, like all other new features are killing the old T4C. ever since they started new features we, the players, get screwed! they decide what, when and how to do everything without talking to their payed players. when u selling a service/product u first have to inform ur costumers about changes u making on the product ur selling otherwise u'll lose another costumer... thats how the market goes...first they say u MUST have all your accounts related to one email only or u might lose ur stuff, next they come and say now cause i feel like it, you GOT to spread all ur accounts with one email ea... and suddenly cause i seen a red bird, YOU CAN have all ur accounts back to the way they were before.About logging in game, i understand their were changes to be made but, is it asking too much for the big heads of DEV team to send an email to all their players informing about how to get back ingame step by step? since 20th August i cant log in... and cant find anywhere a way to fix this prob i'm facing, and again i'm sure none of the players will get anything for all the trouble caused by DEV TEAM (they). Find all this direspectfull and its the main reason why T4C will never move forward... Sadly