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  • 14 August 2013 11:38 in: General
    Hey, check out my youtube channel.

    Just messing around hahah.

  • 02 March 2014 11:11 in: General
    I've never heard of PaySafe either... I have always used paypal with no problems here.  Can't you use a prepaid Credit Card?
  • 27 June 2014 16:15 in: General
    #1.  no idea.
    #2. you don't.  When your vip time expires you renew it.  Not like the old days bro.

  • 06 July 2016 00:18 in: General
    I installed virtual box with Windows 7.   No lag at all.. eg when you are switching items etc. (control I)  You can't play the game in full screen mode on windows 10 either.  
  • 19 May 2018 09:54 in: General
  • 14 August 2013 10:27 in: Realmud
    I have the old t4cbible and realmud website mirrored on my hard drive.  Let me know in game if I can help.
  • 14 August 2013 10:28 in: Realmud
    Nah,  I don't think thats the reason at all in my opinion.   Ill be there to xp too!  Just certain times players can log.  Have a good one.
  • 14 August 2013 16:30 in: Realmud
    @Amaterasu  Well sorry dude this is a North American Server,  plenty of player on North American Time zones.. live in a different time zone..  Sorry for your trouble.
  • 14 August 2013 10:29 in: Realmud
    I just read on t4cbible that mouse is working on this and a couple of other things too!  I wouldn't worry about this, we're in good hands here.   Just takes a little time.  Cheers.
  • 14 August 2013 16:27 in: Realmud resolves back to 

    Step 1.  Create a accountStep 2.  Check you email you setup your account with.Step 3.  Make sure that the reply activation email is not in your junk.Step 4. Click the activation link and it will bring you back to www.t4c.comStep 5. Login if need beStep 6. Highlight Game Guide at the top---highlight System---Step 7. Click Migration Wizard.Step 8.  use your old realmud account to link up with your new account
    Step 9.  Select your characters and click migrateStep 10.  Open your game launcher and use your new account and select the proper server ie. realmud.Step 11. See you in game..
    That easy....
  • 14 August 2013 16:28 in: Realmud
    if you cant log in here with you new account.  click the reset passworrd and go back to your email and reset it. then login here and migrate your toons.
    Good luck.
  • 15 August 2013 07:58 in: Realmud
    $45.00  what are you talking about.  Its always been 22000 Gold which is about $36.00.
    Ya whats with the inflation?
  • 16 August 2013 09:37 in: Realmud
    Hey, until these moderators add our realmud quest on this site.  I posted them on t4cbible thread name:
    Realmud Quests.

    -Hope this helps.
    Yours Faithfully
  • 19 August 2013 17:23 in: Realmud
    hahaha  get on that bicycle already!
  • 22 August 2013 08:37 in: Realmud
    Sounds like a plan.  I wish you guys a speedy resolution to all of this and to our offline mules.
  • 22 August 2013 08:33 in: Realmud
    As i posted on bible:  here is the url you can copy and paste into your url textbox.  I am working on a web host site too. vhY3e9aC4ji2zorpJ77lunVr0kTTZO9Rt7FXfSmjf-YBbvA175XL7Zsnareta-eKdPqBb5ILp5lgbCtehuNsLNkOVsctOTHjLq4YdVKkRjNKwDbP ToOuoVGdCvhDBi1oHzEEUaztstOOuNG80D03OYK_GoiCFwtm-5n_2p8gq3JAZJxIx2vCt286vpDWhufc0kk0BXg%3D%3D&attre directs=3"] vhY3e9aC4ji2zorpJ77lunVr0kTTZO9Rt7FXfSmjf-YBbvA175XL7Zsnareta-eKdPqBb5ILp5lgbCtehuNsLNkOVsctOTHjLq4YdVKkRjNKwDbP ToOuoVGdCvhDBi1oHzEEUaztstOOuNG80D03OYK_GoiCFwtm-5n_2p8gq3JAZJxIx2vCt286vpDWhufc0kk0BXg%3D%3D&attre directs=3
  • 24 August 2013 15:46 in: Realmud
    Hello fellow realmud mates! While T4Cdev is busying updating the game we enjoy playing, I went ahead and decided to make a web page that will make it easier for us to look up quest.
    I have added our 4th Island Quests too! Everything is here in one shot! I will update and add the maps too.

    You can visit the web site at
    best viewed in FireFox.. which I was testing in.


    P.S. Earthlink I added Spell Stats too...
  • 26 August 2013 10:12 in: Realmud
    ahahaa  you still have him?  and your 300 end Warrior?
  • 26 August 2013 10:11 in: Realmud
    hahahahaa   yes long time indeed.  Stop being a ninja and login and play the game.

    ninja plz

  • 09 September 2013 16:15 in: Realmud
    I dunno,  this is all different now.  Before you would buy T4C gold and then buy the vip key with your t4c gold and select your main toon to receive the vip key.  Then you would wait 24hours for the key to populate onto your other toons..  Everything is so different now.

    Email alastor. hes ususally good with this.
  • 19 March 2014 10:31 in: Realmud
    Great idea... Had to take advantage of this.
  • 19 March 2014 10:30 in: Realmud
    When CS Gem Timer came out I got it.  Was happy!  10 mins of Gem of Flames.
    Now I have this too and its great!  Thanks for this.  Long time coming.
  • 20 January 2014 19:38 in: Realmud
    What are you talking about.  There was a kick ass Thanksgiving event and another Super Kick Ass event for Christmas..    
  • 19 March 2014 10:28 in: Realmud
    Welcome back, if you need help dont hesitate to page me in game.   will help you for questing/items/maps.
  • 19 March 2014 10:26 in: Realmud
    Thanks for your efforts Alastor.  But Vip Price is too high.  knocking 15 dollars off is not much.  Just my 2 cents.
  • 19 March 2014 10:25 in: Realmud
    Since your little patch, there has been no warps and crashes.  Cheers.
  • 17 March 2014 21:34 in: Realmud
    Bust your butt to lvl 185.  There is no vip hangover in VIP 185....  Just do it like the rest of us and stop crying.
  • 19 March 2014 10:24 in: Realmud
    Ya Strawberry Pie,  just take the time to hunt items and do some quests.  There's always something to do in the game.   Happy Gaming.
  • 21 March 2014 09:30 in: Realmud
    @Earth Gnome   grammar is everything.  
    *You are not worth the free hangover in VIP 185.
  • 28 March 2014 10:45 in: Realmud
    I love the AoE spells.  Its fine when you are soloing mobs but as soon as someone else steps in.. Lag.
    Disabling the soundcard helps with this problem.
    But DeerJohn has a point.
  • 28 March 2014 19:58 in: Realmud
    Freyia's Blessing

    May we please have an event for this item.  Ever since it was created I have not seen an event with this item.  And it's been like 2 years.

    Lets have it already. 
  • 04 April 2014 10:26 in: Realmud
    I expect a lot more from you now that you're a GM.
  • 08 April 2014 21:59 in: Realmud
    Please FIX Titan Blade.   My 228 titan blade with  Major, Plague, Curse, Bless,  TS, Titan Blade can not defeat anyone any more!  There is seriously something wrong!  

    Im starting to see why people complain about this game...
    Why bother..... 

  • 09 April 2014 10:12 in: Realmud
    I dont pvp much but seriously,  Ray Charles should be able to pvp with my toon and kill everything in his path.   It's not like before even when I was even 218 and had tb.major. 

    For one.  Healing Wave and Restoration is way over powered.

    Am I a sore loser?  Im complaining a bit because tb is nerfed and healing is over powered.  Seems when some complains something is done about it.  Just like Devils Anger and GR spell.

    This is the reason why I don't pvp.  My toon is a joke now,  a laughing stock actually. 
    -Yours Faithfullly

  • 21 April 2014 13:22 in: Realmud
    Hey, thanks for posting.  I agree with Hero, but Im a lvl 228 warrior and should kill you 1on1 if you were 228 or 225 even it wouldnt upset me so much.

    See you in game guys.  Gnomey get a new pc and come back.
  • 06 May 2014 12:04 in: Realmud
    Since 1.50 and VIP areas, Venus HGM scandle, and when ReOrX left this was the decline of the server, nothing you can do about it. It's a fact.
    The PVP duel NPC has been brought back for a reason, but Im don't pvp even with my high toons... nothing really is constant.. 1 month TB can be over powered, the next month Healing wave is over powered.
    As for trying to xp on 4th isle, they got ride of this so you would have to pay for vip time and go to those areas for xp.  Only way to lvl now is to pay.  unless you want to stay as lvl 100 even that is a grind to to without vip.  
    I always see people complaining about RM decline... it's been dead since 2008....  From 100 players online to average ot 18, 
    Its just a nostalgic game we all enjoy....
  • 22 May 2014 16:43 in: Realmud
    So how is one supposed to make Good Enhanced Wings?
  • 22 May 2014 22:50 in: Realmud
    Ok, this has been updated.  Replaced Ring of the Forester with Ring of Faith.

    Good Path
    With the White Silk Cap in your backpack, Go to Par Salain at Beltigan's Castle. Keywords harness, continue, and objects.

    He will ask for the following items:

    Ethereal Amulet

    Crystal Sword of Might

    Orcish Wristband

    Ring of Faith

    White Silk Cap

    Return to Par Salain and say bring. You now have the new Enhanced Good Wings!

  • 22 July 2014 15:45 in: Realmud
  • 31 July 2014 15:21 in: Realmud
    Hello I'm BroSmetty HL from TC!   If you need to know anything specific about realmud quests  check out Zions of Chaos as mentioned and my site as well.   Thanks for taking the time and stopping by.  If you need any help page me in game and I'll try my best!
    -Yours Faithfully
  • 05 August 2014 09:39 in: Realmud
    AR 1- 26
    RD 26 - 65
    SH 65 - 121
    AL 122 - 185
    +185  - 185

    You can enter all vips except if your lvl is Higher than the Max level you cant go in.  eg LVL 100 can go into AL VIP... but you would get quick xp if you stay in SH vip!
  • 06 August 2014 08:54 in: Realmud
    Hello,  I will make a video and post it on my youtube channel about all the things you need to know about how to play T4C. Just give me some time to create it.
  • 25 August 2014 15:50 in: Realmud
    Hey guy, if youre 180 end Archer it has always been cumbersome to xp.  You need to be grped with mages.  Archers are spawners.
  • 26 August 2014 11:43 in: Realmud
    Before we had VIP's we all leveled at Preists!  There as a healer,and mages that would kill.  Melee toons would spawn.  That was then... this is now.  Everyone xps in VIPs and there is just not enough players to go around to lvl on 4th isle like the old days.  The constant changing of spells/resist/damages here is crazy.  Looking back, if staff would leave well enough alone we wouldnt have the convo!   Preists should give 3m a kill... but they don't so best way to xp now is in VIP.  Its a marketing scheme for Realmud to keep the server running... only way to "play for free" not to pay for VIP but you need VIP to gain lvls....
    My answer is I would not xp on 4th isle and only xp in VIPs... only way now.  Besides you cant make lvl 246 on 4th isle....
  • 20 December 2014 09:38 in: Realmud
    Can you change the companion flag so we can have without vip?  Would be really great if you could.
  • 18 July 2015 02:57 in: Realmud
    Ya we're around.  We come back every now and then. 
  • 13 November 2015 18:45 in: Realmud
    disable your video card, this will free up a lot of memory. I do it all of the time! Good results.
  • 06 July 2016 00:46 in: Realmud
    For new players that are not aware and need information,  please visit my web site.    (free webhosting site)

  • 06 July 2016 00:47 in: Realmud
  • 13 November 2016 17:48 in: Realmud
    I remember him very well,  lots of memories and XP bragging rights with him.  Good guy!  RIP
  • 13 November 2016 17:21 in: Realmud
    You can go to human to lvl 120 in 1 day but only need that 75th level.  I did it.  Granted you have the quest items and play 24hours.   That's how you do.
  • 13 November 2016 17:24 in: Realmud
    Don't make melee or archers.  you want fast levels, make a mage that will cast good AOE spell.  area of effect spell.   There are so many variables you can consider when you see other players pass you.   Are they spawning?  Are they a mage.  Do they use xp orbs.  Are they using VIP areas?  
    Always make a AOE mage in my opinion.
  • 30 December 2016 22:04 in: Realmud
    Back in the day we used to level at Frogs... then Preists.   But the monsters behind the castle are very good too. make sure you have your sheilds on!
  • 15 December 2016 20:11 in: Realmud
    4th Isle Access QuestFirst, go to Kifaelius Venturath in the Hallway before the Oracle. He tells you the story of the Ancient Land and how he can get you there if only he had the six pieces to the Ancient Elemental Armor. To save yourself six trips to him say all six elements while you're there (dark, light, fire, water, earth and air). Now recall to collect the six pieces of armor.

    When Fighting Elemental Bosses, If you die it will take 20 minutes for the boss you fought to respawn because when you die he disappears.

    Water - Calacirya Coldchaiz
    Location: House North of SH RST, she will ask for:

    1 pair of Elven Leather Boots
    2 Gems of Courage
    4 Flasks of Crystal Water
    Collect them and she will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Puliati Wetpace is located. He will drop the Ancient Frozen Dust and once you have that return to her and she will give you the Freeza Boots of Courage.

    Air - Stratus Singlesky
    Location: Top floor of Zhakars, he will ask for:

    1 pair of Gauntlets of Shocking
    2 Diamonds
    4 Rings of Confidence
    Once you have collected those he will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Cacus Airedbrain is. When he has been killed get the Ancient Weightless Bran and head back to Stratus and he will give you the Windwhirl Encrusted Gloves.

    Earth - Reneeth Orrwaith
    Location: Entrance of Worshippers, she will ask for:

    1 Scarab Protector
    2 Scrolls of Earthen Strength
    4 Bracers of Leaves
    Gather them and she will then teleport you to the dungeon where the elemental, Rafignea Rockthrower is located. When he dies he will drop the Ancient Stone Powder and like before you have to return to Reneeth and she will give you the Emerald Petrified Girdle.

    Light - Wilmarin Nahar
    Location: Belegan's Castle, he will ask for:

    1 Blessed Chainmail Armor
    2 Silver Spoons of the Prophet
    4 Grails of Purity
    Give the items to him and he will teleport you to the island where the elemental, Brenianta Brightmind is located. Poof that guy and pickup the Ancient Clear Hazel. Go back to Wilamrin and he will give you the Daylight Angelical Armor.

    Dark - Morwen Meangroth
    Location: Entrance to Fallen's, he will ask for:

    1 Spectral Helm
    2 Rings of Darkness
    4 Spider Venoms (Stoneheim)
    Collect the items and he will teleport you to the elemental, Singloanus Gloomer. Kill him and take the Ancient Shadow Component to Morwen and he will give you the Dark Helmet of the Spiders.

    Fire - Dracos Nargothrond
    Location: Last room Oracle Entrance, he will ask for:

    1 pair of Dragonscale Leggings
    2 Potions of Fury
    4 Red Spellbooks
    Give him the items and you will be teleported to the elemental, Mariathus Tchacafire. Once you return to Dracos and give him the Ancient Fiery Sand he will give you the Flaming Leggings of Hell Fury.

    Kifaelius Scroll
    Now return with the six armor pieces to Kifaelius (they can't be robbed or dropped). He will then give you his scroll. Upon using the scroll, one of three spells will cast.

    Green spell casts: Ancient Land Town.
    Red spell casts: Desert Castle.
    Blue spell casts: The Docks.
    Talk to Severino Metrofire in Stoneheim's temple to go to 4th island, make sure to cast the correct spell color before talking to Severino!
  • 15 December 2016 20:12 in: Realmud   click Ancient Land..

  • 26 May 2017 22:34 in: Realmud
    I had to migrate the website to a new server.   Propagation will take 24-28 hours and the web site might not be fully operational.

    Sorry for the delay.
    Happy gaming,
  • 26 May 2017 22:41 in: Realmud
    try this url if you're still having problems.
  • 06 June 2017 18:51 in: Realmud

    If you are experiencing downtime, read this. There is/are currently 1/9 network nodes down.

    The developers are working on replacing the old hard drives with new SSDs to permanently fix the 403 Forbidden issue, and during the maintenance, your site may go down periodically. Your website might show a 502 Bad Gateway, a 500 Internal Server Error, or a Testing 123... page as well. Please be patient, and refrain from creating new topics. Posting about these issues may result in a warning and later a suspension.

    Please rest assured that none of your website content will be affected.

  • 06 June 2017 19:03 in: Realmud
  • 28 August 2017 23:36 in: Realmud
    Yes still much very active in the game.  Just my downtime game!
    Thanks for the response nice to see you!

    Follow me on Youtube/user/Brosmetty

  • 28 August 2017 23:17 in: Realmud
    It depends,  you are correct that certain mages xp/lvl quicker than others.   If you want to gain quick xp.  I would go either earth mage / or light.   Granite Rain seems to be a really good spell.  

    I have tried them all except Water.  It's all about spawning and having a spawner that will make quick xp.  No spawner... little xp.

    But believe the mages are pretty quick.  I'm working on another DarkMage 400end..(no fire spells) lots of grinding but when you get your first aoe spell it goes really quick.  went from 183 to 191 in two days.
    mind you that is xping all day... (priests is wheres its at)  xp dust/books really help.  But you need that spawner!!!

    Check out my youtube channel for vids of this and that..

  • 28 August 2017 23:19 in: Realmud
  • 09 September 2017 12:21 in: Realmud
    For the past week realmud server has been plagued with constant lag and red plugs.
    What's the dealio?
  • 06 September 2018 21:35 in: Realmud
    because you need to go in VIP AL. or find a spawner at priests.
  • 09 September 2018 00:53 in: Realmud
    I know you can't please everyone,  I wasn't really thrilled what was in there.  I brought a 182 earth mage which was tough to survive (i get, make it challenging).. 300 end at the earthwraith necromancer shamans which casted armor melt (get rid of it).  I went back with a drain mage and could stay alive..   was expecting good xp..didnt get anything.  The Ancient Land wolves looked pretty good if not pixelated.   Mobs should have been more like VIPS(spawn more)   The AL Wompers that didnt move was a good idea for archers.. the Weepers didn't make sense, I mean no animation on that skin made it look silly or the monster was still a wip.

    I would get ride of the wolves, personally i don't want to hear dogs crying all the time.. I know SC has a spot for them and they should stay there.

    The monsters chosen could have been created a little better too, I know there's only so many skins to choose from. But we hunt Green and Reds Skraugs all the time.. now we have to xp with them?
    Ive never seen a skin of an archer like Olin Haad Gaurds.  Make some human villian, change up the skins a bit. (Full plate warrior vilians/monsters)

    Just my two cents is all and thank you for putting something out there. 
  • 06 May 2019 11:17 in: Realmud
    Thank you for doing this and hard work that went into creating this but... In my opinion this should be another isle.   Faerie isle... does anyone go there?
    Im adverse to this new Ancient Land as the map is too huge.  Way to huge and the monsters are insanely over powered and can out heal..   you can only group 8 players and I think you will need way way more.
    Secondly, Some of us triple log since the player base is not here anymore.  I know we are keeping this alive but damn...  this goes against that and should made for 200 players plus.
    I think you should bring back everything.. restore AL as it was and then make this update  a 5th isle.
    Props to the TP shrines....
    peace out.
  • 07 May 2019 22:35 in: Realmud
    You have to do something about the new monster HPs. especially the bosses.... ya I know you're probably going to say they weren't designed that way... as I say again... how are we suppose to hunt when there's no player base ….
  • 12 May 2019 08:33 in: Realmud
    Dear Development Team and Staff,
    from the bottoms of our hearts we want
    to thank you for creating a new 4th isle
    for us to play on.  Granted there are
    some issues that still need to be fixed
    and as you posted these will be corrected.
    Sometimes we are too critical of change
    and can’t cope right away but we are
    all appreciatative of the efforts of  staff
    keeping this game alive.Yours faithfully,
  • 13 May 2019 22:05 in: Realmud
    You buy the scroll for the CS quest gem like Gem of Flames and Gem of Immortal that extends 60 secs to 10mins etc
    Same thing with Extented spell timer fro like clear thought and tranquility and stone skin I think.. read the description when you purchase them.

    the CS gems are not removed after seraphing and I highly doubt it will be removed after seraphing too as it is a purchase. I have never reseraphed a toon so I don't know but I would think not.
    you have a scroll you activate and a gem timer/spell timer in your bag.  you only need to case your spells as normal and the timer ill extend.  Hope that helps.
  • 19 March 2014 10:35 in: Help
    You have to choose a server that will be around.  Realmud has been around since I started back in 2004.  It's a good server with players that will help you.  There are terrific VIP areas to lvl up your toon.   If you dont want VIP, there are other areas to xp. 
  • 10 July 2016 02:38 in: Help

    open up your "The Fourth Coming" folder and open t4cconfig.exe,  uncheck "windowed" mode!

    You will have fullscreen!

  • 30 December 2016 21:55 in: Help
    I am using Windows 10 and have a Win7 client on Virtual Box.  I execute the the game in Full Screen with no problems.

    Try running the game in Full Screen in T4Config.exe

    boost the Video Memory on your virtual box too.

    Hope that helps.

  • 30 December 2016 21:58 in: Help
    It appears that this name is taken as you state.  what you should've done was create a noob and tried to name in Thanos, at that moment the game would state already taken.  It seems that there is no logic for this when you purchased your 2x.
  • 30 December 2016 22:00 in: Help
    I have no problems copying the "TheFourthComing" folder and running it off a usb stick.. just make sure you copy your Dialsoft folder as well and place it in your documents folder IF YOU DECIDE TO PLAY ON ANOTHER PC withough installing.  Works perfectly.   However your situation I would just reinstall.