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  • 22 August 2013 15:07 in: Realmud

    It is my opinion that the reason I pay for the RealMud site is to have access to stored items within the game so creation of characters are made easier. I could care less about VIP after level 120 because the creators have made it impossible for characters to level without miracle stone or grouping with other, which XP is so low and slow it is not worth spending time there. VIP 185 is such a joke. I can remember a time that players could level outside VIP about 3 years ago. If staying in 185 VIP to reach whatever high level can be reach is boring. RealMud has lack real vision by not coming up with a meaningful solution by creating real Quest to forward the game for 185 and above. If all the developers can come with is make VIP a $100 for all servers. I would said you are in sad shape as a company. In order to make money you got spend money by putting back money into development of the product. Instead of investing in servers, RealMud would have been better off in creating more lands and quests and other items to forward the enjoyment of the game. I can draw stick people and monsters if you cannot get the developers off their backside. Example of incompetent is the frequents of the servers being down and moving system around without properly testing before impermanent but trying to fix things on the fly. I can go the circus went it comes to town.  

  • 24 August 2013 11:06 in: Realmud
     Hello AlastorI wonder if this mean that there will be no safe place to get your items and other player can rob you blind. I know RM has moved VIP around for 120-185 and 185-unlimited but XP must be fix so players can advance on their own. If the goal is PVP only then VIP I guess is fine but if like adventure well the adventure ends on the 4th island. It should be the goal of RM to create 5th and 6th island in order to keep the game fun. I am sure RM could make these island hard then the last one and still keep players growing and wanting even more. I have no idea how the computer works from the inside but even real game on xbox and other do have ending. If there is only PVP after 185 then I am sorry to said after over 10 years as customer I must end it by finding something more enjoyable. Oh by the way, there is a need for battlefield for PVP; instead, PVP in front of temples because most of the PVP group anyway they should have a place to do it with safe zone plus the place should be a no rob zone. Players are trying to advance in the game on Stonehiem and idiot think the idea place to PVP is in front of Stonehiem Temple. They need a place to carry on their foolishes beside in from of the temple where other players are trying to play the game.