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  • 09 July 2017 22:08 in: Realmud
    Hi all,

    I had saved my archer build a long time ago and seem to have lost the file unfortunately. Its been a while and I wanted to make sure I don't mess it up. I've posted some questions. Appreciate the help. Thank you.

    Seraph points 180 earth resistance

    Word of recall
    Earthen Strength
    Minor Combat sense
    Mana Sheild
    Stone Skin
    Resist Fire
    Resist Ice
    Major Combat sense
    True Sight
    Resist Earth


    Powerful blow
    Stun blow
    Armor Penetration
    Not sure how much base dodge to get if any at all?
    Parry is not worth it i'm assuming?
    Magic armor penatration? this one is new to me any insight is appreciated
    Also what does elven sight do? it is the prereq.

    At lvl 221: 167/180/737/114/102
    At lvl 233: 167/180/737/174/102
    At lvl 250: 167/180/827/174/102

    This line is just for calculation: 28 lvls to Endurance 27 lvls to Int 13 lvls to Wis 26 lvls to Strength 156 Lvls to Agility

    Thanks again for your expert opinion. I had spoken to some expert archers in the past but cannot find that file on my old computers. :( 
  • 11 July 2017 01:08 in: Realmud
    Decided to avoid getting dodge/parry and just go full archery. As well as magic ap/elven sight unless i find out they are worth it.
  • 11 August 2017 19:01 in: Realmud

    At the current moment there are wings you can add enhanced evil / good wing stats to. Will bat wings be added to list eventually ?

    I also had a suggestion for what it counts. I hope staff and players like the idea. This is only a suggestion no harm meant.

    To get a group going in 185+ vip seems to be quite difficult these days. For the times when no group is around what if elemental sabers and the new aoe archer arrows got buffed for pvm area of effect damage. The same could be done for other melee like pallies/battlemage weapons.

    My mages can level 3-4 times faster solo in 185+vip as ranged / melee. I've always hoped for the solo xp options for these classes with good aoe in the end game. I would keep the requirements nice and high as they are. This could motivate people to go to end game vip 185+ and level and get groups going more frequently.

    Lastly instead of the new aoe arrows perhaps a new quest chain for unlimted ones or a buff to Shim Ohi as they seem to run out super fast and are expensive. They cost around the same as mana stones and run out way faster/do alot less dmg  aoe then spells.

    Thats my suggestion if people and staff disagree no worries I just thought id share incase it makes sense to all and people liked this idea.

    Thank you