The 4th Coming


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  • 15 July 2019 11:56 in: Realmud
    i see the 24% on the water spell doe's everybody just die to 2x.The server from what i see looked ok but i diddn't see that it was 4th saga can you tell me why you play a realmud?when gold was 2k inspected i would'of liked to play you'r server but i don't see a type here.the most people who play don't play for like 3 hour's.the name's arn't forte noticed that no one was into a game when playing on you'r server.we like the game for the weapons and being poor what is exactually the crafting brought to you'r server?when you use honey do you notice the best things ever every 13/- min i notice everyone on there is a 13min person the nostilga. we can't due to a server we wanted to be a self consideration a non-token isn't a sold mistiminor ,the most non influnceintal isn't a soul whole . the most when having something in town's are not 12 or 13 people.We don't get 30 xp on lock we get rock and rock 2. we notice when you play you have somewhere to "go" self knowledge.We don't get the most of what is sold in the notice territory you have a good server about 16 years ago. the items was a madd mad madd :, runaway patient.What is the 14 things you have to show for a lifetime of servitude in the game?We had a crafting system there for awhile is this a sold "content thing on realmud?i liked you.
  • 25 April 2015 18:35 in: Abomination
    dont feel like saving too bored and fat from wow but thanks for being
  • 21 April 2015 12:21 in: Abomination
    i noticed i couldnt talk to it
  • 26 April 2015 19:51 in: Abomination
    what do you say to make a new town your dieing spot
  • 26 April 2015 21:22 in: Abomination
    sanctuary red orange green blue red silver blonde red green silver orange forgot .ag
  • 29 April 2015 08:56 in: Abomination
    not even close to what we use to could spend 5 hours you would still get a percent untill like lvl 80......were missing 128k an hour in back tax's thats like 40 lvls a year and 720 lvls a month