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  • 27 April 2015 11:30 in: General
    Hello, I am replying in 2015 to an old message. I am Adria Orici from RM.I am glad to see someone using the words ( OLD SCHOOL ). LOVE IT!I am for one OLD SCHOOL and I've seen my share of dying servers. If you are stillhere, drop me a line in RM, I'm a returning veteran and finding old problems that seemsto be apart of the new times. I hope you made it. Drop me a line.
  • 27 April 2015 11:55 in: Realmud
    I am a returning player. I have an AMD (TMFX) quad 8 core, 16 gig (Speed demon) memory on 1 terabyte SSD, 3.5 GHz system. All fully automated high end graphics card by EVGA -> TITAN (AKA) Big Maxwell. 1127 MHz,3072 CUDA Core, 12 GIG GDDR5 Vram, 4K output VMI HDMI, PCI X16. (VMI) Virtual memory interface.
    I custom built this for speed, graphics, work and programmability. But I find that the extreme and excessive lag in towns where nothing's going on is an extreme concern. My Split laptop does fine for my daughter, but on the beast of a system that fails horribly against a child's computer is just jaw dropping staggering.Of all the games I've played and the software packages I've used on this beast of a system, it takes an old time OMPG game like this to see how it can cripple a system that's superior I every way to a child's computer, and yet. How easily hopes die when playing this RPG. Memory, superior drives, and a decked out CPU system. GAWD!! What I would give for a damn sledge hammer. HEAD TO KEYBOARD, BRAIN DAMMAGE!KREED! GUILDWARS! SNIPER! BLACKOPS! COREL! DAZ3D expansion and add-on for animations along with COLD FUSION. Nothing prepared me to see this when I logged into this game...