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  • 27 July 2013 18:11 in: General
    Everything is looking great! I'm very impressed so far. My hat's off to Mouse and the design team. Keep up the good work!
    Thanks for your kind words! We certainly wish to bring the best experience to our users and the greatest GMs on the planet!
  • 21 August 2013 17:08 in: Realmud
    Sorry for the delay in response, Kredvar is correct.  You will be restored all credits & VIP time! + the downtime we've experienced since moving the servers over. We apologize for this issue, and look to have a resolution once we resolve the networking issues affecting all realms.
  • 27 July 2013 17:03 in: Help
    How long ago was your registration submitted?
  • 04 August 2013 20:29 in: Help
    I confirmed the e-mail. Why can't I login?
    I don't remember my account name, and I did this too, and got the same message, but the e-mail is fine, why can't we simply recover our accounts through e-mail confirmation, I know my password, but not my ACCOUNT NAME. . . any help would be appreciated thanks guys . . .

    As Major said, currently the Abomination system is the only one being tested on the new platform at the present - regarding what your username is, during registration you would have received an email.  In the e-mail your username is present. 
    Good luck, please let us know if you have any other problems!
  • 14 August 2013 03:29 in: Help
    Have you checked your spam folder?

    Currently some emails are being incorrectly sent to spam by some of the larger email providers.  We are addressing this issue, but  until then - you should find your email there; which will have all pertinent information to activating your account. If, for some reason, the letter is not in your spam mail - simply notify the moderator of your server - which will bring this issue to the attention of the proper department!
  • 14 August 2013 03:26 in: Help
    Hey Samneric!

    Thanks for posting the bug report. Are you referring to the total counts when hovering over the badges at the top of the page?
  • 27 July 2013 15:56 in: Abomination
    Hello MrJuzah,
    Sometimes when the webpatch doesn't properly complete it's course, it will assume that the patch hasn't been completed or is corrupted.  At which point, the tool will attempt a fresh patch.
  • 27 July 2013 16:33 in: Abomination
    Hey MrJuzah,
    We apologize for the inconvenience, please check out the latest news here.
  • 28 July 2013 09:15 in: Abomination
    No chance he opens tonight?
    Hello Xyrapoz007, 
    Thanks for your inquiry.  We are following every possible scenario to assure the grand opening isn't delayed any longer then necessary. We strive to provide a great gaming experience to our members. We feel, at this time, in order to do that - we need to assure the integrity of the platform, by exhausting all avenues of potential issues with the Abomination platform.  
    With that said, and for sake of transparency, we feel we have a good grasp of what the underlying problem is - and as soon as we are definitive in our research and patching - we will be sure to update the entire community via email.
    We sincerely appreciate you, and all members of our community's great patience during this issue, and the awesome outpouring of great support and anticipation from our members. Stay tuned!