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Hail All!

For a quick update, we just wanted to let you know you may now access the offline mule transfer tool from the following navigational menu: Game Guide > System > Offline Mule Migration Wizard. 

In other news, the VIP & WSGold Migration tool now supports consolidating several account's VIP time & WSGold into one account. This can be a little confusing, so to explain further, here is a brief scenario: Let's say you consolidated several characters from multiple accounts into a single account while you were migrating your characters over. However, each of those old accounts had their own associated WSGold and VIP time. Initially the migration tool only allowed you to pull VIP status & WSGold once, and only from one account.  The functionality was enhanced today to allow you to pull from as many of your previous accounts as you desire, so if you wish, you could essentially stack all of your old VIP & WSGold into a single account! 

Optionally, you can of course delegate them as you wish, to whatever accounts as you see fit. Please remember, at your request we now allow multiple accounts per email!
Last Modified: 10 September 2013 18:36
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