The 4th Coming



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Hail All!

Welcome! As we near completion, we have a huge announcement to make! We have decided it is time to put into place a launch schedule, that's right. You heard me. A launch schedule. Are you ready to mark your calendar?

Wait! Quick Recap

The new T4C Portal platform was predicated on a goal to streamline the T4C experience, and in doing so build a unified platform for the community, enable cross-server events, enhance the existing web based featureset, and of course, add new features to better the overall experience for YOU, the player!

So.. do you feel lucky, punk?! Oh.. right! Are you ready?

As the days go by, we continue to progress towards the completion of the new T4C Portal. Over the coming weeks, many features will begin their unit testing, reviewing and optimizations. We are estimating the testing phase to begin within a months time, following smoothly along our development schedule. If all goes well, the T4C Portal should be operational, and ready for live players in 45-60 days!

Last Modified: 27 July 2013 15:14
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