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Hail All! We know that is has been a frustrating couple of days, in regards to the outages. We are currently trying to resolve the issue, and feel we are nearing a solution after several different approaches. To find out more about what is happening currently, and to stay up to date - we will keep you posted via the news wire, right here!

We wish to encourage all of our players to please try - at your convenience, to play as you normally would - encourage others as well! The more users, the more statistical information we can collect regarding each outage, which assists us in solving the actual problem

Once we feel we have completely solved the issue, Abomination's playerbase will be wiped and launched officially, and normal operations should continue without a hitch.

The entire T4C team has worked tirelessly to resolve and correct the issue, that being said, it is not isolated to the addition of a server to the T4C network, as we had outages yesterday and today with Abomination shut firmly down. I assure you we are doing everything we can to solve as promptly as possible.

On another note, at no time has any of your data, characters or hard work been compromised - and we run no risk of losing any current player data. The issue lies solely with connectivity over the infrastructure, not with the data itself.

With all that said, in closing, we wish to personally extend a very big thank you and apology, to each and everyone of our players. Your patience, understanding and help has gone and will continue to go along way in not only further debugging and working towards the goal of a final resolution with the current problem at hand, but also strengthen our community as a whole.

Thank you once more, stay tuned for more updates and transparency regarding the issue at hand.

~Update 10:05PM Eastern Time

After performing various configuration settings network-wide - the problem still persist, we are bringing Abomination down for the moment, when placed back up - we will update here.

~Update 4:06AM Eastern Time

After disabling Abomination and still having a drop (as was the case in days prior as well) - We are bringing Abomination back up - however, the problem still exist. We are trying to collect further information from all systems involved. Please expect further outages until Abomination is brought down (which seems to reduce the occurences of the issue involved.. We apologize and thank you for your patience.

~Update 2:39PM Eastern Time

We are currently setting up Abomination, again - with a wiped database, isolated on it's own little island. Your same authentication details will still work. We hope you all will join us in a few moments to help us gather and gain statistics. If the test proves positive after four hours - we will then restore the original working data source you've been playing on, and let another test run ( as long as, or up to 4 hours it will ). Please expect throughout the remainder of the day, as we are hopeful we are nearing a solution that will fix the network's issues. That said, we are not certain.

~Update 4:30PM Eastern Time

At 4:30PM A mandatory system reboot was required. 

~Update 6:30PM Eastern Time

At 6:30PM A mandatory system reboot was required. 

~Update 7:36PM Eastern Time

As stated in the article description, if you are experiencing connection difficulties: please verify there are no connectivity issues on your end, the server is up currently - if you are trying to connect to other servers, but cannot - please update your web patch by connecting to Abomination for the latest definitions. Once it notifies and patches, you may select the server of your choice. 

~Update 10:36PM Eastern Time

We are bringing Abomination back up, and monitoring. Expect temporary (10-15minute) outages in the event server outage occurs. We will update you as we progress. Thank you.

~Update 12:51AM Eastern Time

We have been informed some people are unable to webpatch - we will have a fix approximately 6-8 hours with an installer you can use to update your client. We apologize for the inconvenience.

~Update 5:30AM Eastern Time

We will be rebooting here shortly - the machine should only be down momentarily.

~Update 1:27PM Eastern Time

Please click the following link to patch your client, if you are unable to connect: - Norton incorrectly points a false positive for this, for some reason - please be sure to check the file for yourself otherwise.

~Update 5:27PM Eastern Time

We are currently experiencing higher volumes of outages - we apologize.

~Update 6:52PM Eastern Time

We're going to leave up all servers all night, and monitor. The outages should be minor.

~Update 9:00PM Eastern Time

After several days of work, we have reason to believe 100% that the network outage issue we were dealing with is resolved. Over the coming weeks we will continue to monitor the server behaviors, assuring the integrity of their operations. If you experience any sort of outage, be sure to check here first for news updates, as all maintenance and downtime will be planned accordingly, and posted on We appreciate our entire playerbase for their help in load testing, confidence in resolve and efforts to help us better the gaming experience as a whole. We will now resume work on's VIP&Gold migration tool, and other minor bug fixes/changes related to  Thank you once again for your patience. And to all of our player base, and especially those who put up with all the outages and stuck around to continue to help test, we at the development team can't say enough how much we thoroughly appreciate what you've done to help us resolve everything. It has been awesome to see the outreach of our community; from their reporting of outages all the way to offering to log their avatars in their own downtime, at their expense to keep the load test running.  Once we have monitored for another successful twenty four hours, we will have another news post with further information about the coming weeks, what to expect update wise, and advanced scheduling for maintenance(when it will occur).

Last Modified: 24 August 2013 21:10
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