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Trilogy shake up!

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Hail All!

With the coming release of the new T4C Portal, here on the Trilogy server, we also have a little news of our own! And we thought, what better time then now? 

As fellow patrons of the Trilogy realm may know, and to all the newcomers, there has been a minor shake up in our staff members.  We thought we would take this time to officially introduce our team, and their roles. 

Without further adieu:

Developer Wolverine
Developer Alpha
GM Tempest
GM Legion

Please be sure to extend a warm realm welcome to all of our new staff! 

For those of you who do not know, the Trilogy server is a mature rated server, with a highly active community. Our staff is dedicated and devoted to providing a great experience at all times. We have a plethora of unique content and items, as well as weekly events.
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