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Hail All!

First and foremost, welcome to the brand new T4C portal!

We, being Dialsoft and the ZEWA Design team, wanted to share and update T4C members worldwide of the upcoming changes and updates. So we will use this spot, until launch day, to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest.

So what exactly is it we're doing here, anyway?

If you notice, we called the T4C redesign a "portal", and that is exactly what it is. For the first time in history, all T4C servers will be launched under one flag, yet still remain independent of each other.

Ahh okay.. So what does this mean and why bother?

Over the last year or so, T4C has gained an enormous amount of traction, from old players and new players alike. We are experiencing a huge resurgence. Which quiet possibly, in the coming year or so, has the potential to rival the days of old.

So, as we have always given our best shot to provide great content and entertainment for all of our members. We decided to go a step further, and think outside of the box. After several meetings, we came up with the aforementioned, which is nearing it's final stages of the core development.

Core development, what do you mean?

Well, to extrapolate on the aspect of core development, it's important to provide deeper explanation into some, not all, of what this massive overhaul actually does. In essence, as mentioned, we are placing all servers under one flag, yet still providing them their own unique individuality and independence.

So by centralizing all of the servers, we aim to provide increased continuity, streamlined server swapping, cross server game currency, amazing cross server events, quick access to your community and others, and a host of other great features.

After the core development is finalized, another branch of development which has been underway will begin it's unit testing, and begin launching as well. This is really under the wraps, but we wouldn't want to leave you without /any/ information, would we? So let's just say, one of the branch development features may be an online character auction tool.

Please stay tuned for updates weekly, as we near the completion of the core development, for great updates and Q&A!

Last Modified: 27 July 2013 15:14
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