The 4th Coming

13 August 2013 10:47 7 Comments

Official Launch

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Hail All and Welcome,

On behalf of the T4C Staff, we would like to officially welcome you all to the new T4C Portal! As of this morning all Dialsoft servers have been migrated over to This has been a long process that started development over a year ago. In this time we have spent a lot of time trying to make a home for the community. We have most of our scheduled features done. In the coming months we will continue to add onto the site. This will not happen all at once and will be done with no interruption to the normal flow of business.

When we started this process there was little connection between the servers. There was so many places a player had to look to find information. There was so many different styles of websites. It was hard to find a brand with t4c. So our goal has been to bring the Dialsoft T4C servers and community into one place. With this the vision of was born.

I would like to send out a thank you to zewadesign who has through this process done a wonderful job of coordinating the project, organizing all the updates and making sure that everything works smoothly and quick. I know there was some unexpected downtimes and delays but with any project of this scale and working with a database that is around 14 years old they have done an awesome job.

I hope you all enjoy as much as I do.
Thanks Mouse
Director of operations!
Last Modified: 13 August 2013 10:55
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