The 4th Coming

27 July 2013 15:25 12 Comments

Greetings All!

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Hail All!

We at the T4C Development team wanted to reach out and extend a warm welcome!

As you well know, we are currently in the soft launch of our new T4C Portal! During this time, if you experience any bugs or weird behavior, or have constructive suggestions, please be sure to post on our forums or email

With all of the pleasantries out of the way, we wanted to update the community on the current status of our game servers. At 3:00EST time, we began experiencing high latency and network congestion. We are currently in the process of resolving the situation! We will update you as soon as the issue has been resolved, we ask that you please be patient with us during this time!
Last Modified: 27 July 2013 16:23
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