The 4th Coming


You Decide! PvP on Ancient Land

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Greetings Realmudders!
Realmud is addressing a concern that players have voiced regarding the current set of rules governing PvP and PK on the 4th Island.
Realmud Development and Administration have had several discussions about this policy and it has been the subject of several meetings over the past few months.
While we have come up with several workable resolutions to the issues concerning PvP and PK on the 4th Island, and while we have agreed on some things and disagreed on others, there is one burning point that we all very much agreed on...

It's not about us.

It's about you.

So we have put together a list of options that summarizes our views on potential policy changes, and we're leaving it up to you--the players--to decide how we will move forward.
You may vote on one of the following options, or you may select "Other..." and tell us in as much detail as you would like what you think should be our solution.
This poll will be open until SUNDAY JULY 7TH, at which point the poll will close, and we will review the results.
You may only vote once and must have a Google login in order to vote.
We're taking this seriously and we ask that you please do so as well.
Thank you for your time.
Shinigami HGM & Orion HGM
[Dialsoft] T4C -- Realmud

*****PLEASE NOTE*****
**The images supplied below are an example only and do not necessarily depict the exact areas described. They are only meant as a visual tool to help explain the idea.**
**RED Zones on the map indicate areas where PVP, PK, and ROB is permitted**
**BLUE Zones indicate SAFE areas**

Last Modified: 27 June 2019 15:29
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