The 4th Coming

11 May 2019 14:40 5 Comments

Work, Dev Team, Work!

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You Spoke...

                           We Listened!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Followers of Ogrimar of All Ages (and you little Artherk lovers too...),

on May 4th, we turned Realmud on its head by releasing our reenvisioned 4th Island. We gave you new bosses, new monsters, new quests, and new challenges.

As with all releases, we beat the crap out of it until we didn't see any more bugs, but there's always a few bugs that slither their way in.

It's expected. It happens.

We were prepared to make adjustments.

And the players have spoken!

Thank you for all of the support and constructive feedback that you all have been providing over the past week. We just had a meeting with Realmud Administration and Development, and have begun the process of making the adjustments that you asked for!

These changes will be released on Monday, May 13th. Some additional adjustments may be made afterward if we see the need.

4th Isle Monsters experience is being increased all across the board! 

You will notice a dramatic increase in experience per hit and on death for all 4th Island monsters. This will improve the xp/hr available from monster spawns across the entire island. 

4th Isle Monsters item drops are being increased all across the board! 

You will notice more drops from monsters on the 4th Island, so experience isn't the only thing you can beat out of these guys!

Bad Dragon! Sit boy!

The Dragon Invasion is being adjusted so that it's not quite as much of a speeding train. 

Calm down, Earthwraiths! It's not that serious!

The Earthwraith Shamans and Earthwraith Necromancers are being adjusted for normal server progression and Armor Melt is being removed from these monsters. 

Please continue to give us feedback!

We can't do this without you! We want to continue bringing changes to Realmud to improve the player experience, but we need your help to do that. 

Please feel free to utilize the Support Ticket System to submit feedback under the category "Realmud Suggestion Box".

~Realmud Administration

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